Topographical Hotspots


further to Thomasmars reply yo my comments/queries on the presentation module tutorial, I have the following feature requests/suggestions.


  1. Allow the customization or replacement of the + signs in the circles on the images hotspot feature with custom pictures, gifs or anigifs of my choice.
  2. In the Presentation module, allow the embedding of links into thumbnails or other pictures that can be overlayed on a main/background picture.

Use Cases

Slide Views


I am looking to use Course Presentation instead of SCORM. We require our students to visit all slides. In SCORM students cannot move on until all slides have been viewed. If they try and cheat and only view one slide the course is not completed. Is it possible for  Course Presentation to have a setting to do the same thing?

Our students are adults and they tend to try and outsmart the system in online courses and skip the theory to go straight to the quiz.

Thanks in anticipation of your answer.


Integration of GeoGebra applets

GeoGebra is the one computer algebra system with geometric and statistical apps as well that is used in education world-wide, and like H5P it is open source as well and has a large and growing community.

How cool would that be for math teachers: Embed GeoGebra applets like in H5P interactive videos. Maybe it is not that difficult to implement because these applets can be embedded in normal web pages.