Add social sharing and audio questions

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 I would like to see the features in the H5P content having social sharing at the end of the quiz or questions or on finding the right hotspot or on not finding too( to ask the friends to help out via social media share ) .

It will be very helpful to both the createors and the users also it will help to improve the hits on the content.

secondly, I would like to see the option of adding audio or video file in quiz or multiple choice questions so the user can listen or view the audio or video and can answer accordingly.

Like how slick quiz etc plugins do .

Speech Recognition On/Off Functionality

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In a previous bug thread I explained an issue where, if there was enough background noise...the speech recognition didn't know when to shut off. This meant that I'd have to wait an excessive amount of time, sometimes up to 1 minute to get feedback on speech. 

It would be great to require the speaker to click to start speech and also click off to end speech input. This would in theory tell Google Chrome that all speech input required has been completed and hopefully speed up the time it takes to receive feedback.