Can we create h5p content offline?

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Moodle 2.9



Is it possible creating h5p interactive content offlin(without internet connection)?

My thanks in advance.



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Hi Murugan,

What I would recommend you to do, is to set up a server (Drupal or Wordpress or Moodle) running on your local machine with H5P.

You can then create content on your local server, press the download button to get a .h5p-file, and upload it to your production server later.

- Tom

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Hello Tomaj,

Thanks for your response.

I can't understand. Can you explain your answer in easy steps? or recommend any pdf file?

my thanks in advance.



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You might need someone with a bit of computer skill to do this.

  1. Install Moodle with H5P on your computer
  2. Create content normally using your localhost domain
  3. Press "Download" button to download your content as a .h5p file
  4. Upload the .h5p file to the internet again on your website, if you want to share it

- Tom

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To intall moodle on your desktop, you will need what's called a WAMP - if you are on a PC. WAMP stands for Windows Apache, MySQL and PHP  (if you are on a Mac, you're looking for MAMP and if you're on a Linux machine, the acronym you're looking for is LAMP). This will create a folder on your desktop out of which you can run a localhost. There is a lot of good support for this process, and some very good automated installation apps. Everyone's needs are different, but if you google wamp, you will see a number of websites dedicated to helping you through this process - as well as videos. It is very doable. Except that you will need an internet connection to do it.

What exactly are you hoping to do?


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As i have no knowledge of h5p,i want a tutorial which include installation of h5p ,how to use it and how student will use? I have gon throgh some discussions but i couldnt find my answers. Moreover let me clear that should i have my own website to use my e-content.please help me. Thank u


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Hi bijuneog,

I think this page is a good place to start.