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We have many PowerPoint slide decks that we would like to be able to convert in to H5P Course Presentations so that we could add interactivity and other supported features to them. Ideally, each PowerPoint slide would be imported with its elements retained, so that each text "container" remains editable and moveable within the H5P Course Presentation slide and includes any header designations; any alt text entered for an image would be brought over; Ideally, it would also handle any associated voice-over audio associated with each slide. Our current online lectures often use voice over slides and it would be nice to have this option in H5P, either as part of the import or as a separate import/synching. 

Less importantly, it would bring over animation associated with the slide, although anything strictly decorative, like transitions, are definitely not needed. 

It is less clear how Notes would ideally be handled, but perhaps an option to include notes that would add them as a Continuous text element on the following slide would make the most sense (and if the notes are longer, than a slide, there would need to be the manual edit to make them work). 

Happy to provide any clarification now or later,


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Hi Nancy,

Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


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PowerPoint to import. I was wondering if it is possible yet with Wordpress h5p! 

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Hi quartztraining,

I'm afraid this is not possible yet. Usually when new features are created the core team makes sure that it works for all systems.


Any update here? 

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I wish I have good news but no one has taken on this project yet.


The lack of support of PowerPoint is probably the biggest reason NOT to use H5P (IMHO). Many of us will use PP as the defacto standard for creating presentation. These presentaitons are become quite creative, so mainting two respositories of the same infoamtion is simply not scalable.  SUre, I guess there are counter arguments, but I don't think the world is ready to give up PP just yet. 

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Hi swinster
I think that an interim possibility is that PP could be imported into H5P without the animations and other sophisticated, hard to convert features. I often simplify my PP animations with slide duplication and export to PDF so I am not dependent on local SOEs. Once imported as a series of slides into Course Presentation (with backgrounds, graphics and text elements) it will be easier to think of how to make the communication interactive.

I agree.

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Hi swinster,

IMOO Course Presentation and PowerPoint occupies different niches. While both are very useful there are a lot of features that one has that the other doesn't. But I would agree that the lack support for PP limits the capability of authors. I sure hope that someone in the community contributes the code for this to happen or someone funds its development.


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Hi all!

It seems that some "Pål Jørgensen" has experimented with that feature already in his spare time :-)



Ooh, this is a start at least. WIth PP ingegration, we (and alot of others I feel) are blocked from using this.

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But not having that feature is such a great way to eventually ditch slideducation! ;-)

There are (at least) 2 sides to the issue - use of PPT backgrounds and static graphics, and import of animation. For the first, although a little annoying, saving slides as png and adding to Presentation isn't an issue once you've got the dimensions more or less right. When it comes to animation and triggers, PPT shouldn't be the base. I would love to see basic animation, such as simple triggers - hover to reveal a hidden object, or click A to reveal B - appear in Course Presentation, but I think h5p should start on the simplest base instead of importing from an existing app. 

I'm new to this, but couldn't you convert your ppt to xAPI and then upload to H5P and get going like that?

Hi All,

I'm new to this. Wouldn't it be simple to convert your ppt to xAPI and then upload to H5P?

I haven't tried it yet as just getting to find out about H5P, but if anyone has any comments that would be great to know if this is a workaround.

We'd be happy to ditch the ppt, however everything we have is in powerpoint.

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Hi Blue_Anas,

An H5P activity is not just xAPI, it is primarily in JS. Good idea but I don't think this is possible.


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 I think if we have an option to upload images in bulk to course presentation, then we may be able to upload each slide as an image (PNG/JPEG). Even now can be done but image by omage I believe and then placing on each screen. Which is tidious. Any update on this?

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Hi telugu,

No updates yet but I've read somewhere not in this forums (sorry can't find it anymore) that someone is creating plugin or something that will migrate PPT files into H5P. I'll post the link here if I stumble upon it again. For the other suggestion (bulk upload), I think this is a good idea and a separate feature request could be a good way of getting more attention.


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That would have been Pål Jørgensen of the H5P core team ;-) It's one of his free time projects.



Please give me some type of direction on how to convert any of my pp slides to h5p. i am totally lost

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Hi JojoGB!

There is no easy-to-use way beyond the proof-of-concept to the best of my knowledge.


it can only be used on windows though:

Kind regards,


how does this work? interested !!!

I would like the ability to integrate PowerPoint slides into H5P.  I have a lot of these slides already made.

No functionality to incorporate PP ... HP5 - dead in the water. Shame

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What a constructive comment, thanks!

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H5P is not only Course Presentation and Power Point is not the only way to create contents. Also H5P is open sourced so anyone can create this feature or anyone can hire a developer or crowd fund the development.


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What are some other course creation solutions?

What we need is something that we can use without dependencies on clouds (someone else's computer) or being held hostage to yearly subscriptions.  That eliminates any Adobe products, or virtually any other content creation tool.  As much as I don't like powerpoint, at least I can get it for $10 without subscription costs.  Furthermore, PowerPoint has incredibly high quality graphics tools that is very difficult to achieve otherwise.  For example, you can create all kinds of shadows, vector art, fancy text that rivals Photoshop text effects, etc.  I've tried creating art assets using open source applications like LibreOffice but it's mediocre by comparison.  I *want* to migrate to creating slide decks using LibreOffice Present but there's no pathway to H5P and the lack of good artwork features eliminates it currently.  If H5P had something equivalent to what iSpring Presenter does with PowerPoint to create SCORM modules, then I would have a complete pathway to H5P.  I really want to get away from iSpring's products because they've gone to a subscription model and they have priced themselves out of existence.  

This is pretty cool... thanks for sharing!!! It makes PowerPoint imports as (images) a breeze.. complete time saver... The only catch is that being able to move elements within a slide is not possible.. as it captures images for each slide.. sometimes we have videos in the slides, or images that cover text to remove them and promote idea sharing among students..   ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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For those who have done the PPT image import into course presentation, do you lose accessiblity of the text since it is an image? I know if it is built in H5P it is accessible and if used as a PPT it is accessible but once converted and imported as an image, do we run into an issue? 

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If PPT is exported as images and imported into H5P course presentation as images, do we lose accessibility of any text on the slides?

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Hi lrosen,

I can only assume it would as screen readers would read the object as an image instead of reading the text.


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An import feature for PPT would make the Course Presentation in H5P 'next level' in terms of usability and efficiency. I would like to see this feature added as soon as possible.