Image Hotspots - Customize appearance / size of "Hotspot" icon?

Is it possible to customize the appearance and size of the icon used when creating an Image Hotpot map? 

I am trying to recreate the image maps seen here: using H5P  instead of the plugin currently making these maps work.  

H5P seems to solve all of the issues I'm having, except I would need to customize the appearance of the hotspots....either individually, or at least a global update to include semi-transparent icons.  

Any ideas?


Customizable image hotspot icons
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I moved your post to feature requests, so that it has a higher likelyhood of being picked up.

Similar functionality has also been requested before.

- Tom

I added a pull request ( which allows for people to choose between 6 icons, or to use your own icon by uploading an image. If you created a transparent png icon, you could do something like the website you mentioned. The size would be static though, so I'm not sure if that helps in this use case.

Let me know what people think of this. Thanks.


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Very cool Nate! I'll create a task to review the pull request in Jira.

- Tom

Transparent png icon is converted to white or black by H5P. So this suggestion won't work.

As so much time has passed - is there already a solution for a smaller hotspot icon?

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Hi mikisi,

The PR that was created was for adding different kinds of icons used but in terms of the size no one ha taken on the project yet.


I've seen many people over the last several years request the option to have a transparent hotspot, similar to the multiple hotspot tool, but nothing done. Why can this feature not be added when it should be easy - as it already exists in a similar tool?

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The source is openly available, but my assumption is that there are only few developers in the H5P community in general, and those developers that there are have other things to do in their free time regardless of the complexity.



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I provided a fix with clear instructions in my post here: