Add images to Accordion

Images would make this much more user friendly!

Add Column to Accordion
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Hi Claire,

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Do you mean that you would like to use images as part of the accordions text?

- Tom

Hi Tom - yes, that would be great.

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I think we will make it possible to add Column to Accordion so that you may add anything inside it.

Do you have a timeline for adding these very important features?  Lacking images impairs the presentation of much critical content.  Thanks!

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Hi lmoin!

It's right around the corner ...



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+1 for adding an "Add Image" function to the Accordion toolbar.

I'm building an introduction to our VLE for students, and being able to add screenshots would mean I could use Accordion rather than endless embedded H5P slideshows!

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From me too!

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From me too!!!

Any news on how this is working out?

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Hi JAO-at-H5P,

Once this pull request has been reviewed and merge with the official version it will then be released by the core team.


I hope you can add same feature as course presenter in Accordion. Or if not, a way to add different course presenter material into accordion as well as photos, videos, and other materials other than text only. Thanks.


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Hi Myrthon!

That'd also be possible, but before I start implementing that in my spare time, it was great if the H5P core team said yay or nay in advance.



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Hi Oliver,

I agree ;-) but don't you think Column pretty much covers all of those and the only limitation is that it cannot be collapsed/expanded like Accordion.


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Yeay, that's why I would include Column directly if that's fine.

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Hi Oliver,

I'll have to get back to you on that ;-)


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If using H5P.Column inside H5P.Accordion is an option (vastly increasing the versatility), here's your treat: (and if the options inside Accordion should be limited, that's no problem at all using that's used in the pull request anyway).

If H5P.Image as an additional option would be enough, go this way:

Images would greatly improve the content presentation.

As a picture speaks a thousand words, it would be easier for students to understand and memorize by recalling images or photos.

This feature would realy improve the usability of this content type.



I find this unbelievable that H5P cannot make happen for users to add an image to Accordion. The Colum feature - per multiple comments threads here and grithub -  is still not an option. What exactly is the issue? Seems straightforward for a site which is specifically offers interactive and technological resources. Please advise. Thank you!

This would be an amazing feature as my institution is moving towards incorporating more OERS in courses.  I hope this becomes a feature soon.  I am not super good at coding, which can be hindrance when wanting to modify.

Please add this feature!


This seems quite needed :D