Wordpress frontend

i'm using H5P for WP.
I want to make H5P editing from WP front.
I want thaht users can create content without admin log, but i see thaht H5P editor is only reachable from admin backend.
Is it possible to do that ? I'd try since 2 or 3 weeks and i asked in WP forum, but no one can help me.
I saw thaht in yur website is possible to create in frontend (https://h5p.org/node/add/h5p-content) and you are using Drupal, please can someone can help me to do the same in WP.

Another thing, i'm using a frontend post editor but the button " Add H5P" is not showin in top of my text editor when i'm in frontend.
Please i need help.

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Thank you for sharing! We're going to do some improvements to the Wordpress plugin in the time to come. Could you perhaps list the plugins that you are using for this so that we may consider testing against them and make sure H5P works well with these plugins?



thnaks for your answer.
In fact i'm using WPLMS thaht contains a lot of plugins for create courses and manage students.
WPLMS use a total frontend course creation plugin and i would like to improve my lms with H5P content editing in frontend too.
Thanks a lot

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Ok, we'll reach out to WPLMS to see if they will give us a free copy of their software.

Hello, I have been following this thread for a long time with the hope of getting the good news :) having front end editing feature. We tried and failed many methods. Today I encountered a plugin and wanted to share with all who looks for this feature for a long time. It is not directly for H5P but it works very well for it as well. The plugin named WP Frontend Admin, it basically allows us to put any plugin control on the frontend. we did not test performance impact etc but it worked like a magic for now, as we were trying to make awesome H5P creation tool accessible on one of our educational non-profit websites. Cheers, Vedat - Norsensus Mediaforum, Oslo

do you have some news about wordpress frontend H5P editing ?
I really search solution but i think i'm not good enough in development for this.

If someone already put the H5P editor in front please tell me.
if you can do that for me tell me how it may cost and how long does it may take.
I really need it and i can found a budget for this.


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No news yet. I sent you an e-mail through your contact form about funding the project.

I answer you by mail (2 mails)

Hi,  I'm also interested by WP frontend,  are there any solution available? 

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It is currently not possible, but I believe I hope it will be available in an update of the WordPress plugin.

is there some kind of schedule, when Wordpress plugin will be udpated?

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I'm afraid we(=Joubel) don't have an ETA for this yet. We're talking with a company that might sponsor it, but we haven't got a go ahead yet.

Hi Falcon from Joubel,

I need to have to frontend editing option asap urgently.

I have a small budget and would be happy, if you could contact me via e-Mail.

Many thanks!

is there any news around wp front-end?

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Hi! No news yet. For the time being, we must prioritize funded features or features that many people are waiting for. 

I cannot upload video in WP frontend.
Please help me.


Iam using tutor lms plugin integrate with wordpress,  while i creating a new course via admin panel that add h5p buttons opens popup and loads the content its working fine, Otherwise am going to frontend course creation, when i click the Add H5p button there is no popup opens....

kindly share the solution