A way to move to next slide on condition only

Hi there,

Is there a way in Course Presentation, when you've disabled the navigation bar, to have a Next Slide button show only when the exercise on that page is completed?

I just don't want people rushing through the slides, they have to really think about every step and fill in an answer. Only then can they move on.

The question is really about a relationship between Course Presentation and the modules that you use on the pages of that presentation. Seems kind of fundamental to me that such a relationship is possible. In Interactive Video this is possible: the video pauses and after completing the exercise there is a resume button, by which you continue the video. I can't imagine that a similar thing would not be possible in Course Presentation.

Thanks for any help,


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Hi Roy,

I'm afraid this is not possible yet. You are correct there is a similar function in Interactive Video but pausing the video and locking moving to the next slide are totally different things coding wise.

However I agree that this feature is really needed in Course Presentation and I have moved your post to the Feature Request forum.


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Hi, how is this developing? Will ths feature become available soon? We need to make sure that content is actually viewed and listened to before progressing to the next slide. 


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Hi AO,

I'm afraid no one has picked up this project yet. The good thing about H5P is that you or anyone can make the necessary changes to make this feature work.


Hi BV52,

Thanks for your reply and moving my post the the Feature Request Forum.

I can imagine it is different coding wise, compared to a Interactive Video.

You could however consider to implement it differently: not as a function of the exercise, where a button is available to resume/continue once the exercise is completed, but rather as an element on the page that is conditional: a next slide button that becomes visible/clickable once a certain condition is met, in this case a completed exercise. (You would then disable the navigation bar below.)

I don't know if that would be easier to make, it would surely fulfil more purposes, since you can elaborate this functionality with other conditions.

Best, Roy

Wel i voted for this. I remember that like 5-6 years ago people were asking about it. Just like me. Who knows someone will pick it up. :)