Padlet like feature

Could someone create a content type that is similar to Padlet? It would be a wall where students could post feedback to a prompt/question using either text, voice, or audio? I

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Hi fmbattle!

Are you leaving Padlet because of the recent change in their pricing policy?

Anyway, unfortunately it's currently not possible to share data across instances of a content type. Cooperative or competitive content types would require some changes to H5P's core first, and those are definitely on the roadmap (called "Multiplayer session APIs") - but we're most likely not talking about the near future here.



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Addendum: The Open Knowledge Foundation is said to be working on a open source replacement for Padlet.

I just wanted to add that we would also really love a Padlet type feature. Are there any plans for this?

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Hi karinbrown,

There is a multiplayer content type that is similar to this and once released will be available in


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Hi BV52,

I have access to and was wondering which multiplayer content type similar to Padlet that your are referring to?

Thank you

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Hi bhirata,

The World Cloud is very similar to how the OP described the activity. You can read more about this here.