Drag and Drop - not saving the correct elements on dropzone correctly

Hi, I have been experiencing some issues with the Drag and Drop content type lately. I am using Moodle. I have defined the dropzones and created the textboxes. But when I am selecting the correct elements to be in the dropzones, it does not save my settings properly. I have to go back and check, only to realise it only save a small portion of my settings. This is taking me longer than usual to use this content. Please help.

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Hi  jkwek,

Would you mind telling us where are you creating your content? H5P.com, Drupal, WP, Moodle or somewhere else?


Hi,Thank you for your response. I am creating this content on Moodle. There is also a separate app called Lumi that I was using previously, it gave me the same problem and I thought there was some glitches with the app. But just yesterday, I was experiencing the same problem on Moodle.  Regards,J
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This bug is fixed and released, ref https://h5p.org/post-hub-releases.

Thank you for reporting!

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We are a group of more than 30 people experiencing all the same phenomenon: when we create a Drag & Drop question and we save it it dosen' t save the fist time and it will give you wrong answers if you " Save & Display" it. You have to edit the question again and to correct it it then it will work the second time. As BV52 mentioned in the conversation, the same thing is happening when you create the activity on LUMI.

We thought it might be that an update is needed so we updated all the components of our setting and now this is what we are using and the problem is still there :

Moodle version: 3.11.4
H5p plugin version: 1.22.3
PHP version: 7.4.3
Server OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Database: 10.3.32-MariaD

Of course we updated the H5P Moodle Plugin and the H5P Libraries and the problem was still here.

Please note that we are using the Moodle Plugin H5P not the Moodle Core H5P


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Hi nagi,

You left one crucial information, what is the library version of Drag and Drop?