Interactive Book: Text being added

When creating an interactive book (issue was also reprocued with a True/False Question, Multiple Choice Question and Quiz), a long block of text is added to every textbox once the activity is saved. This includes text boxes, True/False questions, and the activity description page. When returning to the edit page the text can be deleted, but reappears upon saving the activity. This happened whether the text was typed directly into H5P or was copy-pasted from an external editor. 

Issue was reproduced using Google Chrome and Firefox.

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Hi ameliagmartin,

I uploaded your content in and In both instances I was able to delete the extra text and save it without the extra text coming back.

I did not delete everything as I was only checking if the text will come back to those that I already deleted.

Would you mind answering a few questions:

  1. Where are you creating your content, Moodle, Drupal, Wordpress,, or somewhere else?
  2. If using the H5P plugin what is the version?

Please note that words like PDF, Excel, Powerpoint etc. does not appear in any of the codes of any of the content types so I seriously doubt this is caused by the content itself.



Thank you for testing it out and fixing some questions.

When I uploaded the file you attached to my account the added text was not there, but as soon as I edited one of the fixed textboxes, it reappeared, and I am still unable to delete it from the additional activities.

I am creating content on the ecampusOntario h5p studio (

And I agree - the added text content is very odd!


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Hi Amelia,

We just received another report of an issue similar to yours (seeing the extra text and creating the content on the same site). The site ecampusOntario h5p studio is no way affiliated with the H5P core team. I have also tested this through different platforms and all do not have the issue. Having said this I would suggest that you reach out to the site's admin:


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If you enter the start of the text that's added ("audioeye.smartremediations") into Google, you learn it's a software to enhance accessibility. If ypu add "WordPress" or "Drupal", you learn there's a respective plugin. I assume that ecampus Ontario is running that software and that if conflicts with the H5P editor.