Wordsearch and crossword

Hi everyone, 

I would like to congratulate you to the latest release it is a huge stepping stone forward. I would also like to request the two features above I think they will add great value to the project. I thought I had requested them before but didn't find the request.  I have a quiz module for word search and have seen a working module for crosswords. Hopefully these new content types will find enough support from the community. 

Warmest Regards, 


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Thanks farrisimin,

We have great contributors like yourself on many areas, but not on development, so we will be working harder for this in the coming months where the goal will be to make more developers join the community by developing content types and sharing them here on H5P.org. The project won't really take of until more developers join in and create and share great content types and applications for H5P.

Hopefully someone who reads this issue will pick up the thread and implement one of these? The H5P core team will implement new content types as well, and we actually have three more coming up, but our roadmap is pretty set for the coming months.

This would be great, too. Just adding support, I understand you need more help... Thanks.

Hi everyone,

Great news I have stummbled across these two new h5p packages that are super awesome. I believe they will be a super addition to h5p.


I have been able to test crossword but not much luck with wordsearch, they are both needed for students vocabulary building...



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This is really interesting!

I haven't been able to test them out yet, but it looks great. If you have publicly running versions of these libraries running I think it would be really nice to show it off to other H5P users in the "showcase" forum and other community channels. Do you know the creator of this library ? It would be nice to hear his thoughts on how the development experience with H5P has been and what can be done to improve it.

- Thomas

Hi thomas,

I have only been able to test out the cross word ... word search didn't work for me. .  I don't know the author of both packages I can share an image soon for the cross word I must say its beyond great I fell in love with it... so far it is the best crossword i have seen as an educator. .. specifically the face that students get different crossword everytime they try it..


here is the image for crossword i am running this in a desktop dev setup..

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Hi Farrisimin,

Thank you for the screenshot!

Have you tested this in regards to responsiveness? I.e. have does it handle smaller screens?

hi icc, 

I think there are two responisve settings only the words are on the right full desktop and below the crossword when half sized.. probably no mobile.. setting as the whole thing doesn't change size..

hi everyone,

Great News! I have test the crossword and wordsearch after the update and have them both working... this is an amazing addition that should be considered for the next release all we need is maybe brush the coding a litte... but both are functioning and working ... offcourse a translation is in order...

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As you say, it must be possible to translate these H5Ps. Also, I think work needs to be done when it comes to accessibility.

In order to get these H5Ps on h5p.org, we would need the author to get in touch with us. 

Hi fnoks, I understand that the author should consent for use of the module but since these content packages are open source and the author has stopped responding to his emails I believe that the community should use the open source code and give him credits for his initiatives.. I have contacted the author a few times but no luck...

Thank you for your respond. .

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@farrisimin, it's not about consent but rather quality. I think a lot of improvements need to be done before this content type is ready to be displayed on the examples page. 

Oh ok.. you can see I'm a programmer only a primary teacher... so far your team is doing great work just love h5p in primary school... keep up the awesome work.. hope to see both content types improve soon. . Cheers 

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Great to hear! I would love to know more about how you're using H5P. Are you making them on h5p.org and then sharing them with your students?


I am running my own drupal site I try to keep it upto date... since I teach primary the students need everything infront of them ... so I create my weekly lessons and they can access them from anywhere... students study lesson complete excersies, earn points and certificates.. it is pretty awesome ... there are two goals I focus on every year..

1. get the student to achieve indpendence and this is done by the consistent work I create for them... the students love to show off how many points they earned so believe me... it is fierce.. specially when it comes to how many certificate each student has in their student portofiolo 

2. motivating students to have the desire to be successful and this is accomplished at the pace of the student... in other words they know what they want and how to get it.. all they have to do is apply themselves..

I have pitched the idea to be used school wide .. but I am facing diffculties as it is open source.. can you believe this.. someone somewhere doesn't like open source..

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That's really cool. I hope that you manage to get your proposal through : ) 

hey guys how can I use these tools in my wordpress site?

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Hi ecevid, here's the wordpress documentation for H5P:



Hi Tim, thank you  I meant those tools wordseach and crossword how can i use

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Hi ecevid, wordsearch and crossword are not currently part of the h5p core library. If you have access to a developer you can try to find it on github and download them to your own h5p installation. 

Hi all how can we clean up the coding for those content types... value of them in learning new words is really big...

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Hi, considering the code is licensed as cc-by-sa any developer could fork the repository and "clean up" or extend the code as long as they attribute the original author :)

The Crossword works pretty well. The author was active a few days ago in the Wordsearch repo if anyone wants to try to follow up.

This would be fantastic as a core feature.


Edit: I fixed some of the JS so that keypresses work in Firefox. Also did some work on the css. Waiting for a reply on Github to get the JS changes committed. 

I've attached what I think looks much nicer. Still work to do though.


I've done a tonne of work on the crossword over the last few days and for my site, the changes work well. There are still a couple of small problems that need to be fixed.

But I am not that confident about it ever making it to the Hub because of the invasive way that clues need to be attached to the bottom of the screen on mobile. If that isn't done, there's basically no point in using it, imo.

But anyways, here's a rundown of what I've done:


  • Keypresses work in Firefox and mobile Chrome. Haven't tested other mobile browsers yet.
  • Mobile: Clues auto scroll in a fixed div when a box is clicked or focused.
  • Mobile: Crossword autoscrolls when typing.
  • The above redone so it works in Column. The clues get attached outside the Column iFrame.




  • The work done to make the Crossword work in Column would probably work for embedding the crossword on another page. But it would be messy to make the crossword work inside a column inside an embed if you want the clues attached to the bottom of the page.
  • Crossword is generated dynamically. Sometimes fails.
  • Some boxes randomly don't have the right attributes. Scroll to clue sometimes fails.
  • Attaching to bottom of the screen is generally invasive. Hiding it when the crossword isn't active could be an ok solution.
  • My JS is hacky and only tested on Drupal. The original code is uncommented and has various issues.
  • I used bootstrap a bit.
  • Typing answers quickly can skip boxes.
  • The current Github repo owner isn't active so no changes can be committed.



I think a crossword would be a great content type to have in the Hub but it needs a far more experienced developer and a definite decision regarding clue placement. I will be using on my site though for definite. 


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Very interesting, can you publish your fork on GitHub ?

I posted at the bottom of this thread. I'm embarrassed by what a mess it is.. I foolishly put some site-specific code in the js thinking I could get it into production quickly.

This is amazing please published so we can test it together...

I have a suggestion for the crossword.. once a word is selected the clue could slide in or show up in a box on top of the crossword... only one clue at a time for the selected word which will save space making it moblie friendly instead of showing all the clues at once.. a hint box.. persae .. 

does this make sense.. how about the wordsearch it does not require as much work I think..



Where in the cp would I unzip the files for testing on Moodle 3.2 and 3.3 installations? When adding from moodle mod/hvp/library_list.php, this was the error message: 

Library directory name must match machineName or machineName-majorVersion.minorVersion (from library.json). (Directory: MyWordSearch-master , machineName: H5P.WordSearch, majorVersion: 5, minorVersion: 0)



Would it be possible to upload to Moodle for testing? Versions 3.2 and 3.3. I tried uploading the Crossword .zip from mod/hvp/library_list.php. The error message is below. Where could I add the files from the cp? Thanks! 

Library directory name must match machineName or machineName-majorVersion.minorVersion (from library.json). (Directory: MyWordSearch-master , machineName: H5P.WordSearch, majorVersion: 5, minorVersion: 0)


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Is there exists an example of the WordSearch, the easiest way would be to just upload the example to your server via the hub, and then it should become accessible to create new ones from the hub after that.

- Tom

There aren't example files unfortunately. If someone could drop off each, that would be great. Otherwise, what can I do from the cp? Thanks!

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Thank you for your effort and for sharing this with everyone!

Thank you so much, I love what you've done. I agree that this activity is not relible yet.  Unfortunately, I don't code and can't assist, but will happily test.

Hi everyone trying to keep this post alive for the word search it is dearly needed.. I can't believe it's been two years since I posted this...

I read some people are not so used to wordpress, coding and configuring. So I think it should be of great value if I added an explanation on how I did for Wordpress. I went to github (https://github.com/niallmurphy-ie/MyCrossWord)  and downloaded the library and then I uploaded the entire on wp-root/uploads/h5p/libraries. I unzip and renamed it removing the master. Then I went to Wordpress admin, H5p dashboard and uploaded H5P document attached here (https://h5p.org/sites/default/files/H5P.CrossWord-3.0_0.h5p). Everything installed so in dashboard I create a new H5P content and the crossword was in the tab my content. Hope it help someone and thanks for the nice add-on. 

Although I was able to install it a while back, this time using your attachment, I get an error pop-up: Prueba 1 (or 2) so it is running into some difficulty. The whole page needs to be closed to get rid of the message.

I'll try later on my wp site.

Thank you!

Using Moodle 3.3.2+, chrome, windows laptop and shared hosting with access to the control panel. I'm also Moodle admin (but not a developer) and teacher. 

I was able to add the MyCrossword some time back on Moodle 3.2. It has some bugs including: use of spaces, correcting a spelling mistake, and alignment within my theme (Adaptable).

  • Spaces: the space bar doesn't work - so you need to type in a letter and then the cursor jumps to the next letter box.
  • Spelling: A typo...and you need to go back to the beginning of the word and retype everything. 
  • Alignment: It overflows

I am not able to install it on Moodle 3.3 though. 

There is a Find the Word game with 2 games if I am not mistaken: https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-word-find-game Very interesting as it was updated 1 month ago. I can't install it either when unzipping it in the moodle/mod/hvp/libraries folder. (wrote a separate post seeking help). 

Finally, a hangman too, last update in 2015 so it's probably not worth testing...

Hi maude these content types are more or less still under development. .. i have tested all 3 non of them is ready for production. .. 

There is also one more really good prototype the minicourse  content type .. 

All these content types need support from the community.. to be further developed ...

All the best...

I'm curious about the development of the wordsearch content type? Is there any progress? I'm a teacher in primairy school myself and interested in this content types among the others. :)

Following this too. Really waiting for these content types :)

Hi there i'm using wordpress with h5p. I would like to try the wordsearch from this link https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-word-find-game when is download the zippackage and unzip it i can't find the .h5p file. I know it are not official releases but i would like to test these prototypes. What do i need to do to make a .h5p file that i can upload?

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Hi, creating the an .h5p file is as simple as archiving all the files inside h5p-word-find-game into a .zip file (using your favourite archiving program), then change the extension from .zip to .h5p. Now the library is ready to be uploaded to your server, go through the "Library Administration" page on your server(in settings) to upload te content type there.

Hello Thomas, i tried to upload using the way you described. When i upload the file in the library is see that the page reload but does'nt add anything in the libnrary list or the hub section. 

I created a .h5p file bij downloading the package from this link. https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-word-find-game

Here is a link to the .h5p file i created. Mayby i did something wrong? (retried it like 10 times) 
Would really like to test these content types before release so i know if it is worth waiting for it or that i have search for alternatives.

I apreciate the help sofar!



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Hi Mitchz!

You didn't pack the files according to the .h5p specification. Quick fix. Did that for you and also included the timer.library that FindTheWords uses.



Hi there Otacke.

Thanks for having taken the time to do this. Unfortunately we can't download the file now due to the site disabling the free download option. Could you please share it in another site such as Google Drive?

I'd really appreciate that.

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There you go: https://filebin.net/dgrkzauqua0tvmaw


Hi otake et al.

I attempted generate my own h5p file from https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-word-find-game as the above link to the h5p had expired.

I can upload my h5p file and edit it on my Drupal site, however when I try to use the content type in a lesson, it doesn't work... I get a few javascript errors (I've attached a snapshot of my console). I'm not sure what I did wrong...

I've attached my h5p file that I generated.

My test lesson can be seen here:


I am also using the Opigno LMS: https://www.opigno.org/en

Please let me know if you require any additional information.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter!


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Hi ondaconcepts!

That error message indicates a bug in the content type (it tries to get a value that doesn't exist), and the author is the best addressee. Since public contact information doesn't seem to be available, I'll drop him a note and ask him to join this conversation.


Hi ondaconcepts,

Thanks for showing interesting in the content type. Actually since the name of the content type changed from wordfind game to find the words, I shifted the repository to here


could you please create the h5p package from this repo and try again? Happy to help if there is further issues. It is working fine here !

Thanks Oliver , for attracting my attention on to this discussion :)