AR Scavenger

Augmented reality without installing special software in publishing systems like Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle and WordPress.

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Let learners explore reality augmented with 3D models or H5P exercises. You can define markers similar to QR codes that your students can scan with their device's camera. Those markers can trigger blending a 3D model of your choice with the camera view, or they can display an H5P interaction.

You can use these markers for the sample content above:

A common use case for this content type will be scavenger hunts where users explore their surroundings in order to find all markers and to complete all exercises. Another use cases is to amend physical books with 3D models that can be viewed in the browser.

The content type is labelled "beta", because it is only supposed to be a first step. Users should be enabled to gather experience with augmented reality, and they are welcome to contribute ideas and support for developing this content type further.

A source for free 3D models is Sketchfab (download them as glTF). A good open-source software to modify 3D models or to create your own is blender.


  • Display 3D models (currently glTF) blended with the camera view.
  • Can include manifold H5P content types such as Interactive Video, Image Hotspots or Question Set.

Future ideas (not funded yet)

  • Allow to trigger events not based on markers, but based on the user's location
  • Allow authors to create maps that show relevant locations
  • Allow users to track task completion
  • Add an option to let authors use automatically created markers
  • Add support for more 3D model file types
  • Improve tweaking the 3D models in the editor


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