Branching Scenario (and other assignment) connection to Canvas Gradebook

Hello! Apologies if this isn't the best place for this question, but I am not sure where else to put it.

Do you have more information on how the branching scenario record grades to the Canvas gradebook? Or even more information on how other activity types connect to the gradebook (such as the personality quiz)? In particular, I'm curious about:

  • Does the activity push scores to the gradebook when it is embedded in a Canvas page, or must it be embedded in an assignment for the score to be integrated?
  • In the branching scenario, can each question/scenario decision point be granting a different point value? 
  • Conversely, can the scenario automatically be granted full points for submission?
  • Is there documentation anywhere for how the other activity types are recorded in the Canvas gradebook (such as the personality quiz, memory game, etc.)

I have some instructors/departments who are interested in H5P, but want to learn more about the ins and outs of the integrations before signing up for a trial. Any information you can point me to on this would be helpful. I've looked around on the website, but haven't found quite the information I am looking for.

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Hi Cecile,

  1. Yes as long as it is inserted using the LTI integration not as an embedded object using the embed code.
  2. Yes, in the Branching Scenario settings you can set it to "Dynamically calculate scores from users answers". Then set the scores for each branching answers. You can check the built in guide in the Branching Scenario authoring tool for more details. 
  3. Yes again :-) you just need to set up the content to "Statically set score for each end scenario". Then set a score for the end scenario/s. You can check the built in guide in the Branching Scenario authoring tool for more details. 
  4. Here's the documentation on the tiggers for scoring for each content type.

For your reference these are the documenations for


Thank you, BV52! That documentation link is what I was looking for, but couldn't find.

However, can you clarify one thing for me about your answer to question 1?

You said that grading works if the object isn't added with the embed code, and this page says Canvas only tracks grades from assignment: 

So, based on this, it sounds like activities embedded in pages cannot have grade pushed to the gradebook (or that there is not a way to embed an activity in a page via the integration) – all must be set up in an assignment to be recorded. Did I understand this correctly?


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Hi Cecile,

I just double checked this and you are correct, the content needs to be in an assignment for the scores to be recorded.


Thank you!

Thank you very much! The link to documention is what I was looking for.

I do have one follow-up question about your answer to my first question: 

You said that grades are recorded if the LTI integration is used, and the Canvas tutorial for authors states that grades can only be recorded in assignments, not in pages.

So, am I interpreting correctly that the LTI cannot embed activities in a page and pass those scores to the gradebook. Activities can be embedded and ungraded, or can be added to an assignment and graded. 

Did I understand this correctly? 

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Hi Cecile,

You are correct on all points.

You need the activity inside an assignment for it to be graded.