Cannot decrease font size in some content types

Hi there,

Im using an organization account in H5P . In course presentation and question set font size cannot be reduced further and also the bar in options menu looks very long. Can you please add a feature to reduce the font size in all content types and the options bar size.

Similarly, In Memory Game can you please let me know how to reduce the size of the images we upload. 

Note*: Please refer the Attached Screenshots.



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Hi suhailsheriff,

I can see that you are using

Colors, font, and also the size of the boxes can be customized using Custom CSS features. However, since changing of the CSS can sometimes disrupt layout, these features is OFF by default. We warn administrators of such potential outcomes before we turn this option ON (upon request).

You can request this by replying to the confirmation e-mail that you received when you registered with


Hi i'd like to change the font size in my questionares - Please can you turn the custom CSS features on

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Hi timuden,

Please send an email to [email protected] to ask for enabling the CSS feature.



I have created a course in Moodle that incorporates numerous H5P elements. My issue is that the font size of the H5P elements (multiple choice, accordian, hotspots, essay etc) doesnt match the font in Moodle. Is there any way of adjusting this by using the html editor in Moodle? I only have teacher access and not administrator so can't change any of the settings.



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Hi Sarah,

No, I'm afraid font sizes in most content types can only be overiden using custom CSS.