Personality Quiz

How to gather data(or save final result in db) from personality quiz?


After finished the personality quiz, the result show on the screen but that result didn't appear in the database. 

Now I create 3 types of course content. And I want to use data from a personality quiz to show content to the user(difference result from quiz show difference course content) thankyou.

Issues with H5P Personality Quiz Results

Hi there, 

I've created a personality quiz or values finder assessment where ther are 6 values and each question has 6 options, so each "answer" only has one outcome. However, I find when two values have the same score or there is a tie that only one of the values will show up in the results. From my test it also just seems to be which value was selected first in chronological order of the questions. 

How does the personality quiz determine final result?

I have an issue with the personality quiz, but I can't tell if it's because there is a bug in the quiz or because I don't understand how it works.

I created a 12-question personality quiz that could result 3 personality types: anxious, not anxious, or mixed feelings.