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Personality Quiz - increase max answers from 10 to 20

Hi guys,

I'm wondering if anybody knows how to increase the max answers for the personality quiz from 10 to 20?

In the "semantics.json" file I can clearly see that on line 119 is the number limit, however if I increase it and then us the upload option when creating new content it doesn't seem to make a difference. My coding knowledge is minimal and I've only ever made tweaks to code like this.

how to change a field widget


I would like to customize the H5P.PersonalityQuiz content type so that one (or some, or all) of the fields of type "text" can be made to allow a few basic html tags (e.g., strong, em, a, etc.). I use Drupal and am trying use hook_h5p_semantics_alter to add the 'html' widget to every field of type "text," but clearly I'm not doing it right. 

Here's what my custom module (called mhl_h5p_mods) has right now:

Personality (self) assessment with spiderweb graph as a result

H5P offers a lot of wonderful possibilities to create interactive content. It is a real playground for educators, thanks for that!

Nevertheless there is one thing I hoped to find and can't: a self assessment with a scale (nor correct / incorrect neither personality type classification): an assessment in which the participant scores him or herself in several areas. I tried to use the personality quiz  feature as well as the multiple choice feature, both didn’t work out as I hoped.

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