Personality Quiz

Branching Scenario (and other assignment) connection to Canvas Gradebook

Hello! Apologies if this isn't the best place for this question, but I am not sure where else to put it.

Do you have more information on how the branching scenario record grades to the Canvas gradebook? Or even more information on how other activity types connect to the gradebook (such as the personality quiz)? In particular, I'm curious about:

Personality quizz


I have seen the example of the personality quizz, and I have seen that it only appears one answer.

My question is if it is possible to have more than one answer. For instance, I want to know the Multiple Intelligences of my students and I want to have at least their 3 predominant intelligences. Is that possible? Is it possible to change the code to achieve this? I don't want to appear the percentage, just the same as the example of Which Berry are you? but with 3 types. I attach an image.

Thanks in advance!

personality quiz - add more then one personality in the quiz results

I created a personality-quiz with 9 personalities results and 40 yes - no questions.
Each "yes" answer is connected to one personality :


The problem is that is someone is answering all the questions "yes" - he get as a results one of the personalities in random. 
I guess there should be a way to have several answres of personalities - and in any way, when answering the same answeres - one should get the same reasults each time - don't you think?


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