Personality Quiz

Merging multiple h5p files into one file


I would be happy if there is a possibility to merge two similar types of files(like MCQ, or Fill in the blank) with images into one if the question contains a picture.

 and one more option I want to know is it doable categorized random question generations from question bank in h5p 

use case:

question bank

cat1: hard 10questions 

cat2: avg 10questions

cat3: easy 10question

now generate random 7 questions file from hard 3 avg 2 easy 2 

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Issue with personality Quiz


Each time I try to create new content using "Personality Quiz" content type I get the following error. Any kind of help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to create content on Drupal 7.70, PHP 7.2.31

You Must Choose An H5P Content Type Or Upload An H5P File.

Thanks in advance.