Personality Quiz

Issue with personality Quiz


Each time I try to create new content using "Personality Quiz" content type I get the following error. Any kind of help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to create content on Drupal 7.70, PHP 7.2.31

You Must Choose An H5P Content Type Or Upload An H5P File.

Thanks in advance.


How to tweak how the result show in Personality Quiz

So basically i created 6 questions and 5 personalities as a result. If I pick lets say, 3 out 6 for personality A and 3 out of 6 for Personality B, that makes it
Personality A - 3
Personality B - 3

How can i tweak it so the result will show both personality and not Personality A only.


Thank you in advance. Great moule btw.