Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz: allow HTML in description-field

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Personality quiz should allow HTML-code in description-field, then you could link the next activity in Moodle to it.

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Personality quiz - always gives first personality


I've made a personality quiz: (I have tried to attach the h5p file but it's too big)

No matter what answers are chosen, it always gives the same answer. I have experiemented with changing the order of the personalities in the edit mode and it appears that it always picks the first one listed.

The types are correctly listed, I assume? They look like: 'Placement,Project,Internship' etc.

Is this a bug or have I used it incorrectly?

Many thanks

Personality Quiz - increase max answers from 10 to 20

Hi guys,

I'm wondering if anybody knows how to increase the max answers for the personality quiz from 10 to 20?

In the "semantics.json" file I can clearly see that on line 119 is the number limit, however if I increase it and then us the upload option when creating new content it doesn't seem to make a difference. My coding knowledge is minimal and I've only ever made tweaks to code like this.