OneNote integration

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Many teachers are waiting for the OneNote integration of H5P.
On Twitter many teachers are asking for the integration but we had no reaction until now.
On the part of Microsoft are they waiting of H5P. But they also want this to happen as soon as possible!
i would love to connect both sides to make tis magic happen!

Can a developper make work of this magic combination?
It would make my day/week/year and be wounderfull to add my H5P material to my online course! 

Many thanks!


OneNote integration
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So OneNote is nice, but Teams integration would be even better.

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Please add my vote for integration into MS Teams and OneNote. Thank you.


Agree OneNote and Teams would be awesome

eg. as a WebSite or a connector or - even deeper integrated - as a part of the "Aufgaben" (that's the German word. Don't know the englisch Word .... task? ToDo?)

Please add another vote to the oembed (OneNote) request.

Embed it, please!!!

Yes please add this functionality.

+1 for this feature, would be a huge step for teachers who are using OneNote and who are looking to being rich interactive learning materials to their digital notebooks.

It's a shame H5P haven't taken the mass requests via Twitter to make this happen. Having an integration with OneNote and Teams would be amazing, especially in the midst of Covid-19 teaching.

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I wonder why you're bashing the H5P core team here. It's a small company giving you software for free, and they need to give higher priority to features that actually mean an income regardless of how many people ask for free lunch.

Why don't you ask the multi-multi-billion dollar company Microsoft why they can't contribute the required code? In contras to One Note and Teams, H5P is open source software and can be contributed to. Or why don't you ask Microsoft to integrate H5P completely into One Note? Someone did for ILIAS, someone did for Typo3, moodle is close to completion, ...



OneNote is amazing and having richer interactive content embedded would be incredible. 

Yes please !!

I've upvoted this, because I think the 30 000 ft idea of having H5P and OneNote (and some have also mentioned MS Teams) working together would be awesome; but I admit to being a bit confused about what the request is actually asking the H5P devs to create.

H5P already supports embedding content. Depending on how you share it you can grab an iframe embed directly from the footer of an embedded H5P interactive. This embed works in a wide variety of Learning Management Systems and blogging platforms that provide more permissive embed settings.

Microsoft doesn't provide support for users to leverage embed codes in OneNote. Instead they leverage oEmbed to provide a short list of allowable embed codes. Learn more about oEmbed here ( I think this is the current list of allowable oEmbed endpoints that work in OneNote:

If OneNote supported a more broad oEmbed Discovery protocol, any web tool with oEmbed functionality could potentially be displayed. WordPress supports oEmbed more robustly, and has a good doc on how it works in their software, that shows what's possible beyond a small list:

In Teams the embed functionality is even more limited as far as I can tell. Even a popular platform like YouTube requires a Teams app to be enabled in order to populate a channel with rich content, and the resulting "card" isn't an embed, just a fancy Open Graph-style link that takes you out to YouTube's website, rather than allowing direct viewing and interacting with content within the context of a channel:

So in my mind the request needs to be either more broad:

Enable oEmbed Discovery Support for H5P

This would provide the necessary endpoint for OneNote to add the H5P domain to their list of allowable oEmbed endpoints. It would also probably receive more widespread support from the H5P community because it helps a more broad user group beyond the Microsoft users.


Allow iframe embeds in OneNote (and Teams)

This request doesn't belong on the H5P website, but over on the OneNote Uservoice forum, so we should be redirecting everyone to this page instead:

Both of these options still wouldn't assist those of us who host our own instance of H5P, and therefore have a custom domain in the embed code rather than the or that would be necessarily added to a OneNote oembed shortlist in the absence of supporting iframe embeds in OneNote. Allowing admin to expand the oEmbed list within their Sharepoint-domain-hosted OneNote notebooks would be required to make that happen, which would again need to be redirected as a feature request to Microsoft forums, rather than H5P forums.

Unless I'm missing something. Happy to be corrected.

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Hi all!

So, Microsoft doesn't support iframes, a common way to embed H5P content virtually anywhere. And now the H5P core team is urged to implement oEmbed?

Why put pressure on David instead of Goliath? If Microsoft is really interested in helping their OneNote and Teams users, I am sure they can spare a developer to either support iframes on their end or to contribute the code to the open H5P code base.



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Hi Everyone,

It looks like this particular feature request has picked up some supporters in the past few days. There are several scenarios I can think of for this to happen.

  1. Microsoft supports/allows H5P to be used (most likely unlocks for a lot of their products).
  2. The core team creates the feature (highly unlikely in the near future since this is not part of their roadmap)
  3. Crowdfund and find a developer to create the feature (fastest route)


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This feature is now climbing to the top of the feature request list and will be implemented. We're now waiting for Microsoft to send us an email to plan the integration (they have promissed to so, so it is probably coming soon).

This would make OneNote and TEAMS more out of this world and let me be so much more creative. I really hope this happens.

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We've implemented this feature and sent a test-URL to Microsoft. They will verify that it works and hopefully approve it for OneNote.

(Do note that any self-hosters looking to get a OneNote integration for their site must add an OEmbed plugin/module to their site and get their domain whitelisted for OneNote.)

any news yet on the implementation?

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Hi Elisa,

Sorry no updates yet on when this will be implemented.


Great idea

Please count my vote to support this development 

Hopefully this integration is prepared soon! 

This feature would be great, my adult students are learning how to read and write and Moodle is very difficult for them. We have been working with MS Teams for a while now, and they are able to work with it quite well. But I really miss H5P-templates and easy-to-use tasks. 


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Hi RekaAarnos!

Have you already contacted Microsoft? I think it's their cup of tea to add features to their products.