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Hi all,

My interactive book contains quite some content (text and quizzes), therefore many users can't finish the book in one go. When they do continue at a later point, it seems however that all progress is gone. My question: Is there a way to make sure the progress is saved/cached, so users can continue later on without having to start from scratch?

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Hi Ralf,

Interactive Book currently does not support a resume feature. However it is part of the roadmap for this content type.


Hello - I have the same challenge. The book looks absolutly right for my needs, especially the progress summary. I know you guys don't have a commited roadmap, but is there any idea when the saving progress / resume feature likely to be added? Is it on a list of things that might get done or is it waiting for someone to pick it up? Many thanks for your help, and continue the great work, I've created over 100 pieces of h5p content now and students love it!

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Hi mjwareha,

It is part of the list to be done for this content type however if I'm not mistaken the core team will start working on it once it comes out of Beta.


Sabe me informar quando poderemos retornar ao ponto que o aluno parou a atividade? 

Estou trabalhando bastante com o COLUMN , mas este também não tem a funcionalidade de voltar de onde parou e limitar as tentativas. É isso? ou já existe essa possibilidade?


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Hi Sill,

If it is only Column this should be possible if you enable "save content state" in the H5P settings. Please note that this feature is only available in the plugins for Wordpress, Moodle or Drupal. In regards to limitting the attempts that feature is not available yet.


how do I save the status of the content in the column?

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Hi Sill,

Enabling the "save content state" should automatically save the contents for users.



I didn't find this save option and it doesn't automatically save. Follow the content for you to see.

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Hi SIll,

Which platform are you using? Moodle, Drupal 7/8 or Wordpress?


Hey, I have the  same problem. Had a virtual book but I need a save-function, so I created a column after reading this in the forum. But I can´t find a setting for saving the users progress there either...

ah and I´m using wordpress btw

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Hi maja_aerial,

You can enable the "save content state" feature by going to Settings -> H5P


I found the setting, thank you! Is it possible to save the virtual book too now, or is it just for the column?


Am wondering when the "save content state" will become available for the Interactive book?


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Hi Everyone,

As far as I know the core team has not started developing this, the OER HUB has yet to be released and there are still some other projects in line.


Just following up on this: This would be a very viable feature and should be given a high priority. It is in fact the single most requested features from my students this semester. I have been using interactive books to sub-structure my lessons and to break them down into smaller activities, but all that structuring and breaking down is a bit pointless if the students have to finish the whole book in one sitting to get their grades properly recognized by moodle.

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Hi Andreas,

There are no specific timeline on when this will be released but there are plans to get this out this year.


The interactive book feature is incredibly cool, but my students are incredibly frustrated that their progress is not saved after they log out. Their work  also does not appear in the gradebook. I created a student account and tested it out over and over. Before logging out, the Summary page shows the student his/her progress with the correct/incorrect answers. Even if the student presses "Submit and Report" on the Summary page, the progress and correct answers are not saved once s/he logs out. So, as a teacher for the class, I have no grades or progress for each of the students. Another frustration is that when they log back into the class, it does not show them where they left off. I have worked with all of the "Behaviors" settings - but nothing makes it work. PLEASE help or create a fix!

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Hi Deanne,

The "save content state" is coming eventually I just do not have a timeline. For the other issue I suggest that you post a separate thread for this in the bugs forum and provide as much information as possible.


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Deanna said: "The interactive book feature is incredibly cool, but my students are incredibly frustrated that their progress is not saved after they log out"

I am find the same; the students are really frustrated by this. To the point that they don't bother doing the activities, as there is little point: You cannot come back and see answers etc.

Kind of silly for a "learning tool", that students don't bother engaging with it as it doesn't help them learn...

Hi, is there progress in dealing with not saving a procedure in an interactive book? We have a lot of material in the interactive book, but an unsaved procedure is a problem for us. Thank you for answer.

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Hi Jiří,

I'm sorry no updates yet. You can also check the Release Overview page, once this feature is released it will be posted there.


Hello all - I too have been waiting for some movement on this as the Book layout and features would be perfect for my needs. I have been in discussions with Oliver Tacke and potentially have a solution, however, it needs to be funded.

If there are enough of us together, getting this issue addresses wouldn't cost too much, it depends on how many would be willing to contribute. If you are interested in helping this become a reality. If we can get 15 - 20 people into a crowdfund then it would be somewhere between 100 - 200 euros each to get it over the line (all estimates at the moment). 

First things first, if I can get enough interest then I am happy to pull it all together. Absolutely no commitment at this stage, just let me know if you would be interested.


Like many in this thread, in our institution, we've created very large Interactive Books (IB) with tons of content and links. In fact, IB are the basis of an entire course for our faculty.  Yet, the Interactive Book activity type, STILL deos not have an actual Save Progress function, when by its nature, the IB is a type that lends itself for use in presenting material that needs multiple sessions by a learner to be able get through the vast amount information that the IB can present.  I cannot recount how many complaints from learners using the IB, trying to get through the content, only to encounter the "lost my progress!" issue.

I realize that the Joubal/H5P team is limited in size and has other priorities (e.g., the Hub), but this is not just a QoL feature request.  It SHOULD have been included from the outset of the IB's creation, because the IB is tailor-made for large quantities of information and a Save function is sorely, almost fatally, lacking . Therefore, count me as enthusiastically, wholeheartedly in support of adding this feature to the IB as soon as possible.