Translation of "proceed" button in Branching scenarios

Can someone please advice where I can place a translation of "proceed" button in the Branching scenarios. All other buttons I can find from the translation settings but not this one. Is it even possible? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Anni,

The translation for proceed is located within the activities that you insert in Branching Scenario. I attached a sample screenshot of a branching question.


Thank you! This helped :-) 


When I apply your solution, and review or update the project, the translation is not saved - it returns to the default "Proceed" text. How can this be solved?

(It would also be good if the translation could be made only one place for the whole branching scenario, not in every activity of the scenario [I have a big scenario])   


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Hi Eirik,

Can you share your content please as I am unable to reproduce the issue that you described.