Video Protection

video is added & content also added , but , video is downloading i want Protection 

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Hi ashraf, could I ask what you mean by Protection?

i want not to download any video

Video is downloading , 

i want not to download that any video 

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If this is regarding privacy of your uploaded content on See this comment.

- Tom

but, video is downloading in  moodle


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Hi Ashraf, you can disable the 'download' button by unchecking the 'Download button' checkbox under H5P options.


in firefox , showing downloading option like that

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Hi Ashraf, those are extensions to your browser. Unfortunately, H5P can't do anything to stop them.

there is no restrictions for H5P video 

tq u

for uploading video 

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You can never fully prevent anyone from stealing your video as long as they are able to see it. However, you can make it more difficult if you are a developer, e.g. through implementing a custom streaming service(like YouTube does) using Media Source Extensions or you can encrypt the video using Encrypted Media Extensions(like Netflix does).