Contributing to H5P translations

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Each H5P contains it's own translation-files. If you need to translate an H5P to a language which is not supported, we would be happy to support you.

The current language files are found on github, where each H5P content type has it's own repository (e.g: The language files are found in the language folder within each repository. By using pull requests, you may add new translation files. We also accept uploading new files in this forum.

When we get new translation-files from the community, we will create a new release of the H5P content type containing the new/updated translation, and publish it here on

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I've just found the excellent h5p. Are you interested in portuguese translation? I can do it.

Carlos Raminhos

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I'm very sorry about the delay.

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I Can help too. The use oh these tools are completely free in moodle?

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Hi pafravi,

Yes the plugin is free for Moodle.


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Yes! We'll add the files and instructions needed here soon.
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I alreay installed the Moodle Plug-in.  Testing it.


What you're doing with H5P is great.

I would like to contribute : I can translate in french. Can you send me the instructions ?

Anne Granet

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Great You'll find instructions here

I let you know as soon as it's ready !

How can I test it's all ok before I send you back the translated files ?

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You should be able to paste the json code into to check for json errors. Actually testing it requires setting up the recommended Drupal development environment and merging the contents of your folders into the development folder(sites/default/files/h5p/development) along with the master branches of the libraries from github.


I've just found the excellent h5p. Are you interested in spanish translation? I can do it.

Felipe Lorenzo

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Thank you for your interest in doing this. We will add files here for translation. It might take some time. H5P Team members are on holiday.


I`m really intrested in your content in Russian.

May I try to translate it?


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Great! You mean the content types? The H5P Core Team are improving our multilingual support. H5P has full multilingual support, but it is very cumbersome for the core developers to handle all the languages. We will soon have improved this a little and and we will get back to you in this post :)

I look forward to)
thank you)
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Is there already someone working on a German translation?

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Yes, we have a first version. I think it will be present in our next release, so I suggest that you wait for it, and it would be great if you help us improve on it after that
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Is there a list somewhere of languages available at the moment? btw i am still working on a dutch version..

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It varies from content type to content type, can be checked on github at the moment, example.


Is there a greek translation?

If there is please tell me where do i find the files.

If there is not   i will do it and of course i will share. Please provide feedback about the procedure. Where do i find the files and basic instruction would be great

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Afaik, no one has translated H5P to greek yet. It is great if you can do it. How to add a new language is documented here:

Please ask if something is not clear!

ok i am getting started pretty soon. Just a question. how can i load the new file .pot in order to see in action me changes?

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I think they should be updated automatically. I haven't had any issues with this. Perhaps you could try enabling development options in WP or just changing the language of the site back and forth.

I would recommend using the program called 'poedit'.


i don't understand the procedure in order to contribute to Hebrew translation.

what files i need to download and from where in order to contribute to the translation? 

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Have you had a look at the "adding translations guide via GitHub" ?


I've been translating some of the content types to Dutch, but I was wondering how to get them to you... Tried the command line approach, but that doesn't work here. Any other solutions?

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Using github may be tricky if you've never used it before, and the Transifex solution is not ready for takeoff yet. If it's not urgent, you could send me your translation files (including a hint which content type they belong to), and I'd create the corresponding pull requests when I come around to it. [email protected]

I opened a thread in this forum instead. You can find the translation files in the zipped folders I attached, hopefully this works as well.

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Yes, sure! Thanks.

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@otacke, hold your horses on the dutch translations :) I'm going to set up an integration with and we can experiment with that. I think it has really good github integration. 

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It's only 4 files. Won't hurt, and there are many more translations to come, I guess -- and hope!

I was planning on adding more, but only if you want them... Already got the Moodle plugin translated from the Moodle AMOS translation portal, but noticed this doesn't work on the content types in the library.

Where do I leave the Dutch ones?

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Of course we want more translations for H5P :-D Until there's a more convenient solution using Trandifex or Crowdin, you're welcome to send my your Dutch files, and I'll gradually create pull requests for them.

AMOS doesn't work for the other content types of H5P because it was specifically created for moodle language files.

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@otacke I don't have an ETA yet for crowdin, so PRs may be the way to go :)

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Please find enclosed Dutch translations for WordPress. If anything is missing or should be altered, just let me know.

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Hi, and thanks a lot, this looks really good!

I added the translation to the plugin and then ran an update through poedit. As you can see there are some new strings that need translating:

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Thank you for your message. I've just added the missing strings and some changes in translations. Please, keep me informed about new versions so I'll be able to update and keep up with the latest H5P version. 

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I'm sorry, where did you update them?

Currently, the translation process is manual but we hope to get an easier way for people to contribute translations soon. For the time being, I'll create a mailing list which you can subscribe to in order to get notifications about new texts or changes to existing texts.

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Here's the link to sign up for notifications:

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Thank you for your attentiveness.

I've created a new pull request here.

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Hi, thanks for the pull request and for all your other dutch contributions :)

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Hi everyone. Sorry for my english, but i'm not a native english speaker. I've got 2 questions: 1) I need to translate H5P to spanish. Just did it. But I don't know how to configure H5P to read de spahish file. Can u help me?
 2) I want to share my translation file for the community, but I don't know how to do it. Can u help me with that too?

Thanks for the moodle plugin, I appriciate the work that H5P staff did, it's great!!


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Hi Juan, thanks for taking the time to translate Moodle to Spanish. We are working on a much easier translation system but in the meantime you can try and edit the files manually. Please see my response on github:

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Hello Guys,

I can work on Serbian translation if you need it?



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Hi Miki, there is most certainly a need for Serbian translations if you can find the time to contribute them!

There are two ways of contributing translations:

1. The easiest way is to create an account at and add some translations to H5P's projects:

2. The slightly more difficult way is to make a pull request at the relevant github repository:

You may have to google around to figure out how Github works but it's not too difficult!

- Tim 

-- edited ---

We're putting Crowdin on hold for now until some issues are sorted out with the integration. 

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Please find polish translation of H5PEditor, you can find file attached or link here.



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Hi k.kwasniewski,

Thank you so much, this will help a lot!


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Great work Kryztof :) 

I've added the translations and they should be available in the next release of the editor. Next time it would be great if you could make a Pull Request as opposed to a gist as it makes comparing the changes much easier. 

Best regards,