Contributing to H5P translations

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Each H5P contains it's own translation-files. If you need to translate an H5P to a language which is not supported, we would be happy to support you.

The current language files are found on github, where each H5P content type has it's own repository (e.g: The language files are found in the language folder within each repository. By using pull requests, you may add new translation files. We also accept uploading new files in this forum.

When we get new translation-files from the community, we will create a new release of the H5P content type containing the new/updated translation, and publish it here on

Hi BV,

Looks like your team won't be releasing the Khmer language any time soon. Can you point me to the part on developer documentation (if any) on how to include the language file in the libraries? I might need to execute this myself.

I have recently started using H5P on a Swedish WP website that I'm creating. There was no Swedish translation file included when I installed the Plugin but for some content types (for example interactive video) there is a Swedish translation. Is anybody working on completing the Swedish translation. I'm willing to contribute and would like to get in contact with Swedish members of the H5P community. 


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Hi Sigfus!

You may want to check out



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Hi Sigfus! Yep, we're putting some effort into trying to translate H5P into Swedish here at Xtractor. We would absolutely appreciate any contributions and to get in contact. One way would be if you could write something in our contact form at

Sure, I will do that!

Vi hörs


I am able to find the lang file on the GitHub and they, but I don't know how to download the lang file and upload to my wp H5p folder. Can someone point me to some instructions on how to do so? 

Good day

I would like to help with the translation of H5p in Afrikaans. 

Regards. Victor

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Hi Victor!

Have you checked out It makes translations pretty simple.


How can I translate this part of the h5p content into Spanish?



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Hi epirir!

Currently you can't. It's provided by the H5P Hub server.