Impressive Presentation (ALPHA)

An alpha version of a free HTML5 based content type allowing creatives to create 3D presentations with H5P in WordPress, Moodle or Drupal.

Create interactive content like this with the free H5P plugin for:

Wordpress   Moodle   Drupal


Unfold your creativity on an infinite 3D canvas. Images, text and other H5Ps can be combined to create presentations with 3D transitions between steps. This content type is experimental, creating Impressive Presentations might be very difficult, and impossible for people not familiar with 3D creation tools.

The authoring tool is only tested in Google Chrome, does not work in Firefox.


The following options are available for creating effects when navigating through the inifinte canvas:

  • Position camera (zoom, pan)
  • Rotate camera
  • Transform scenes (height, width)

 Please note that the Impressive Presentation editor is still experimental and is best suited for advanced-level H5P authors.

New to H5P? Read the installation guide to get H5P on your own site.