Texas Technology Enhanced Item Types

Texas is mandating online assessment for 2023 on all state tests. They have included new technology enhanced items (TEI). Could these content types be supported in the roadmap? 

Here is a link to the assessments: TEA TEI Sample Assessments

Other resources: 

  • New types - scoring and reporting guides 

  1. Math (New)

  2. Reading Language Arts (New)

  3. Science (New)

  4. Social Studies (New)

  5. Spanish Reading Language Arts (New)



I think the Hot Text, Graphing Point, Graphing Line, Gap Match (text to target) and Graphic Gap Match (image to target) are likely places to start. 

The hot text feature seems to include a optional target text appears highlighted and upon selection changes color. It currently seems to allow for one answer. 

Illuminateed.net has a product SchoolCity that creates TEI that are similar but I'm hoping for a roadmap in the next year to get H5p closer to parity for Texas teachers using online-only items to assess.



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