Closed captions in Interactive Video

I'm enjoying the capability to closed-caption Interactive Video sources using .vtt files. However, I'd rather not have those captions display by default. Is there any way to specify that the video should begin playing with captions off, rather than on, until the user specifically clicks on the "CC" icon and chooses to view the captions? The attached image shows the default behavior.



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Hi Jim,

This is not possible as of the moment. Although I think it is a valid request. Also I think a setting to turn it on/off at the start of the video would be a good route to take.

Note: I have move this post to the Feature Request forum.


Lack of captions is a show-stopper. It's a legal requirement for US P-16 public education. Kaltura, Panopto, Zoom, and others use AI caption engines.

I wanted to second the need for CC to be defaulted to OFF. Most users prefer not to use CC, if they did need or want CC they could then click the CC button and choose there desired language. Has there been any update on adding this feature?

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Hi Petelolos,

I'm afraid there are no developments on this feature yet.


Any updates on this fix being made?

I haven't seen any update to this "issue," however, I do have a work around that we use. Since the first uploaded CC file is used by default, instead of the OFF option, we just added a blank CC File called "Default". Most users won't click on the CC option, but if they do they will see all the options available to them. In our example "OFF" and Default" essentially do the same thing and do not show CC. Not a perfect solution, but it works. 



I wanted to second the need for CC to be defaulted to OFF. Most users prefer not to use CC and if a user did want the CC feature they could click on the button and select their desired language. Has there been any update on adding this feature? 

Lack of captions are show-stopper for us. American P-16 requires it.

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Hi rgibson1!

H5P supports captions. Videos hosted on YouTube use the captions that are added there, and for videos from other sources you can add them yourself by uploading a file containing the captions in WebVTT format.

Please note that H5P is not a video platform such as Kaltura, Panopto or Zoom. Anyway: Could you please provide us with a link to the relevant documents stating that captions need to be generated in an automated fashion?


Hi! I used a Youtube video with closed captions. But I didn't see captions after I embedded the video to H5P (I was using for testing). Is there any settings I should change to enble the captions? Thanks!

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Hi Elodev!

Did the video provide closed captions specified for a language or just the automatically generated captions? I am pretty sure that YouTube's API does not give you access to the latter, but you can use them to create language specific closed captions.



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YouTube does not serve the automatically created captions to external players. You'll have to manually create the captions for the specific language on YouTube.


How do I get the captions to show in the interactive video player?

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Hi Jose,

If your videos are hosted in Youtube you need to manually create the captions for the specific language. However if you are hosting your videos in H5P you can add a VTT file. You can this by going to the "Text tracks (unsupported for YouTube videos)" in the Interactive Video editor.


I read through the previous posts and was wondering if the default language for the machine generated captions on a youtube video should be appearing in the H5P player? The video is owned by another person's channel. The goal is to have the machine generated captions already on the video to appear in the H5P activity if it's possible. Thank for any info!


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Hi Skye,

I'm afraid this is not possible. The automatically generated captions are not passed along by Youtube to external players and this includes H5P.


Hello all H5P adopters! I wonder if you could create a "blank" caption/WEBvtt file and include it with the label "captions off" and make it the default caption track when the video loads? I am gonna try it and report back!

So I tried it... the file couldn't be completly blank so I added literally a period for a split second at the beginning and left the rest blank - labeled it "no captions" and made it my default track. Works for now...

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Hi markrossheb,

Thank you for checking this and for your suggested workaround.


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Your method of adding a blank VTT (adding a single period) and labelling "NO SUBTITLES" or whatever - really did the trick! Now the videos read from a virtually blank track and do not display unless you select the actual subtitle track. Thank you!

Would be better to have a simple "auto on/off" toggle button in the settings so hopefully the H5P developers out there will make that happen. I really would like to learn developing just to add things like this!


As much as the blank .vtt file works. These types of work around almost alway cause issues or additional work further down the line.  As others have stated, we really need to the option to switch he captions to deault off. This exists in every other video player I've used.

That said the workarond is veyr handy ;)