Free Account vs 30-Day Trial?

Hi there,

What is the difference between a free account and a 30-Day Trial? How long will activities continue to be hosted? Is there a way to transfer them into Canvas?

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Hi Charlotte,

There is no "free account" what is offered in is a way for people who are new to H5P to test them prior to either installing the plugin for Moodle, Drupal or Wordpress or signing up for a subscription in A 30-Day trial period is offered for and it also has full integration with Canvas. Contents hosted in will will be available until the subscription is active. It is not possible to transfer contents directly into Canvas since there is no plugin compatible with it.

I hope this helps if you have additional questions feel free to post in the forums.


I have install the h5p plugin to moodle but it does not work.

It refers that there are no content types available

Your site is having trouble logging into and posting available content types.

What do you propose to me

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Hi nikigia,

Can you check if you have any error messages in the browser console (usually opened by pressing F12 on the keyboard).


Hi there

i am new to H5P and trying to explore its functionality. I was wondering if there is a possiblity to download the contents from H5P or not? I am using free 30 days trial, is there any difference between free and paid subscription in terms of downloadability of the contents from H5P?

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Yes H5P contents can be downloaded and they are designed so that you can upload them in any platform that supports H5P. For example you can download a content from and upload it in Worpress that uses the H5P plugin. The only issue that you may encounter is that if you are downloading a content from a system that uses a higher version than the one you are uploading to but do not have admin access. By design uploading a content that has a higher version automatically updates the one with the lower version but you would need admin access to do so. Also does not have all the content types and you can read more about that here. Content types that are not available in cannot be uploaded into it.

You can check this documentation for more details on exporting and importing contents.


Hi, is there a difference between the features if we use the 30-day period offered in I see image slider, image hotspots essay, and question set among others not offered in the trial. We are planning to try out a monthly sub for small teams (smallest package available) and was wondering if the 30-day period in is enough already which means we won't really need to purchase as early as now. 

I am new with H5P and registered for a 30-day trial account in h5p.COM. Now it is about to expire, I want to export the course and have it available in a paid account. Is this possible? 

Also, what happens to the content that's created in after the 30 days expires? thanks

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Hi Micah,

For your first post the 30 day trial for is the same as the paid version. There are some content types are not enabled by default in To enable them you need to go to Manage Organization -> Settings -> Content type settings. 

There are also some content types that are not available at all in Below is the complete list and the reasons why:

You can export the contents from one account to the other you can read more about this here:

You will not be able to access these contents. So I suggest that you download them prior to the account expiring.



Merhaba, 30 günlük ücretsiz deneme yapmak için Ücretsiz hesap oluştur bölümüne tıklayarak yanlışlıkla ücretsiz bir hesap oluşturdum. Herhangi bir ücret ödemem gerekiyor mu? Lütfen bana yardım eder misin? eğer öyleyse hesabımı nasıl kapatabilirim
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It is best to reach out to the Customer Success team by sending an email to [email protected].