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Drag and Drop Background Image

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I found an error in my drag and drop background image.
Is it possible to change the background image of a drag and drop activity to a different image or do I have to recreate the entire activity over again?
If I have to recreate it, is there a way to migrate the drop zones and images to a new drag and drop activity?

Drag and drop not responsive

Hi - I've created a drag and drop activity, and it works perfectly on the desktop, but not on the iPad or the iPhone. The drop zones don't stay in place, and the text also changes from the default font to a serif font... Odd. 

The activity IS responsive if I resize the browser window on the desktop, so I'm not sure what's going on. (The font is minuscule, though, and I'm still trying to work out how to get my changes to take in my h5p mods plugin...)

Your insights would be appreciated! (I've attached the file, as well as screenshots, in case it helps.)

Drag and Drop


I am resticted from using Drag and Drop and would like access.

Thank you,


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