Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots - Inconsistent positioning

1. I started with a scale background image of a badminton court

I proceeded to add hotspots and pop-up content


- on mobile and smaller desktop window widths, the popup covers the entire background image even when the "Cover entire background image" is unchecked; scroll down then click on hot spot near bottom of image results in the the pop up text appearing offscreen

Could not get posted H5P & OK (200). Problem uploading content in Moodle

Hi, i'm trying to load several resources in Moodle, but it gives me this errors:

Error 1:

Could not get posted H5P.


Error 2:

OK (200)

Unable to interpret response.


Please check your error log.


I've checked the resources and all look fine. I send attached one of the resources.

Please help.