Reorder the story - drag n drop

Teaching languages you want the students to read words over and over again. One way is to let them reorder the story or the sequence of some lines. There are plenty posibilities doing this with pictures, but to do it with simple text seems to simple... Anyway, here is a rapidly found example (I'm not religious so be happy...).

Colapsable text in course presentation

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I'm trying to put some text in a collapsable way (like accordion activity) inside a Course Prentation activity, I know that html in text is not already supported so I didn't find any solution.

The idea es show an audio to the student and put the audio text in a collapsable link, just in case they want to read it. The audio is to long to put visible the complete text.

Dialog Cards could be a provisional solution, but not an option.

If some one could give me a hint on how to achieve this I'll be very thankful!

Ability to make transparent (hidden) audio buttons

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Hi again!

I use H5P to create Mandarin learning lessons. Currently, when you want to display audio on a page, you need to display the blue round button.

Was wondering if in the future, we could make the audio buttons transparent...So, if I wanted to hear the audio of word, then I could overlay on my word (stretch it or shape it around) then make it transparent.