Image Hotspots - Customize appearance / size of "Hotspot" icon?

Is it possible to customize the appearance and size of the icon used when creating an Image Hotpot map? 

I am trying to recreate the image maps seen here: using H5P  instead of the plugin currently making these maps work.  

H5P seems to solve all of the issues I'm having, except I would need to customize the appearance of the hotspots....either individually, or at least a global update to include semi-transparent icons.  

Any ideas?


Image Hotspot Configuration Options


Would it be possible to add additional options to the Image Hotspots function, so that you can choose between having to click on the individual hotspots, or simply mouseover them instead. And could it be made that you can select what the icon looks like for the hotspot on the front end, rather than just the cross. Even if it's just so that you can select an icon using something like FontAwesome Icons?

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