Drag and drop - Flag to switch off the check and point counting

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Hi, we are using the "Drag and drop" content type for smaller children. 

In some cases, we have noticed it would be nice to just have a "switch flag" in the settings, which will 

1) prevent the "check" button from being displayed

2) prevent the "check marks" from being displayed (green check marks and red crosses)

3) prevent the point count from being displayed.

Everything else, would stay the same .. incl. hotspots etc. 

There will hence only be only button - the "Retry" button, which could have a customized text as "Rearrange". 

Clone Button for WP Content Creation

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Would love to have a clone button to instantly duclicate single elements within Course Presentations easily and quickly duplicate content. Don't know if anyone else has been itching for this, but if I could duplicate text, images and questions within a single slide then this would nearly double creation speed. Cheers, Timothy