Quiz evaluation


It would be usefull to give users a more detailed test evaluation. I mean that not only a failed/success test resolution but based on their score one result message between 0-30%, an other between 30-50% and so on. The creator of the quiz could decide how many different result messages he wants to give his users and the ranges of the scores (between x% and y%) where these messages belong to.

Thank you for your awesome work!

Best wishes,


Interactive Video VR Support

Hi Guys, 

Just wondering if it would be possible to enable the VR support (Google Cardboard) from YouTube in the H5P interactive video when it's played. I saw that 360° videos work but can't enable the VR function from Youtube. 

We maybe be able to fund the work.

Can you tell me if it is possible to do and please give me an estimate on cost / time to complete?