retry button in course presentation summary slide

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Hi, I'm very enthusiast using H5P. Now I would like to use course presentation in Moodle for assesment purposes. The problem is that the ‘summary slide’ now always shows a ‘retry’- button. Is it possible to disable this button?

As long as this button exits we can not use it for assesments purposes.


Embed Activities into Moodle rather than link to activity

So originally I was building content in the H5P site and then embedding into Moodle.

This works really well, however Moodle cannot save quiz scores etc.

Because of this, we have installed the Moodle plugin, which works really well.

However, my vision for using H5P was to embed content directly into a course page, rather than linking to the activity.

Will it be possible to do this at some point and still store grade book results? Or will we only ever be able to link to the activity.


Dan J