About the project

H5P’s goal is richer online experiences. We want to empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content!


There are lots of barriers for creating, sharing and reusing interactive content. There are copyright issues, technical issues, complex authoring tools and huge problems with compatibility between different types of content formats, authoring tools and publishing plattforms. H5P is breaking down these barriers. 

By making it easy for professional content creators and publishers to create, maintain and reuse rich internet content, H5P will empower creatives to create richer and better experiences more efficiently.

Who’s behind H5P? 

H5P is a community driven project. Currently there are some companies that are doing the heavy lifting, and we hope to see more companies and volunteers joining us soon.

Joubel, a company co-founded by the open source companies Amendor AS and Cerpus AS, is currently the driving force behind H5P, with a growing team of talented engineers dedicated to H5P. The team has extensive experience with development and design of open source ed-tech and is located in Tromsø, Norway.

H5P also cooperate with other partners to make sure that H5P plays well with others and delivers the best experiences possible.


A leading actor within the educational sector in Norway is NDLA, short for National Digital Learning Arena. NDLA is a publicly funded project which aims to offer a complete, free and open learning portal for all subjects in the Norwegian high school level. NDLA's learning portal, www.ndla.no, had 2.6 million unique visitors in 2013. Teachers and students across Norway use NDLA actively in the classroom and for homework.

In 2012, NDLA was looking for a solution to replace all their Flash-based web content. They had the following challenges: 

  • We want to get rid of all our Flash content and replace it with mobile friendly HTML5 content

  • We want content suppliers to be able to send us rich content as files the same way they did with Flash, and we want to be able to publish it just as easily

  • We don't want to contact the content supplier just to add a comma or replace an image in the rich content they deliver, we want to be able to make those changes ourselves in Drupal

  • We need an effective way to manage all our rich content. Often we have multiple instances of the same type of rich content, for instance multiple hangmans. We want to be able to update all hangmans simultaneously

  • We want to make it easy for the rest of the world to reuse the content we buy and create, including finding a great way to handle licensing

  • We don't want to pay a lot to have our publishing platform upgraded or switch to a new publishing platform

  • We want to be able to clone the content created by content suppliers ourselves and adapt it to new subjects using only a web-browser 

Joubel took on the challenge, and H5P was created. H5P has since become the standard format for rich web content on NDLA's learning portal, which all content suppliers, editorial staff and technical personnel need to comply with. So far, the project has been a success and the technology is under active development. 

H5P has the potential of liberating rich content, making it a lot easier to reuse rich content between professional content creators, companies and countries with different languages. It is also a powerful authoring tool for rich content.

The future of H5P

In the future H5P will be more and more community driven. We will create an H5P association governing the project. Alll our code, case trackers etc. will always be available on GitHub. Community members will be encoraged and supported to improve and continue the development of H5P.

Join our team by getting involved in H5P!