Content unavilable error message when embedding content from

Hi All,

Since last Friday, a rather odd issue where embedded content is not available from, unless I am logged in with my h5p account. This means the student I build the content for cannot access the site.

This is not specific to my account; I set up another account to test the issue and have tried different content types and get the same 'Content Unavailable' message appearing.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Please see that attached screen shot.

'Content Unavailable' when creating sources in
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We've found the problem and will fix it today so your content will soon be up and running again.

I'm very sorry for any problems this has caused. I see that you have a lot of content here on and would recommend that if you have technical skills you self host your content. If you're able to fund a license you could also consider where we're running more stable versions of H5P on a much more solid platform and you have access to 24/5 support. If something like this were to happen there you would be able to reach Core Team members directly and have people working on fixing any such problems immediately.

Content creation on will be closed or limited as soon as we've automated signup and payment on just isn't made for being a free service for hosting H5Ps - as this example unfortunately shows :/ The test drive was made for trying out H5P only.

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Your content should be working again except for the last one(Memory Game) which appears to have another issue - the images are missing. Are you sure you uploaded images to this content? 

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The spam filter doesn't delete anything, only unpublishes. We'll investigate the Interactive Videos you linked to tomorrow to figure out what happened to them. I'm pretty sure we'll get them to work again.

I can't open my my content. Can you help me?


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Works well for me. What browser are you using?

I can't open my my content again. This is the second time that I took the "This site is temporaily unavailable due to technical difficulties." What can be the Main reason of this error?

Can you help me?

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Not sure why this happened for your content. It could be related to the number of audio files, however, your content should be working again now.

Yes, it's working. Thank you.