A free HTML5- based content type which allowsing users to add multiple choice, fill in the blanks, texts and other types of interactions and group them in a column layout. Make engaging content with H5P in publishing systems like Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle and WordPress.

Information and Tasks
This example shows how column may be used to put together informational resources and related tasks.
A Heading and a Video
We're putting together an image a text and an interactive video in a way that looks appealing and feels like one resource instead of many resources stacked together.
A Geography Test
Column used to create a test with all the questions below each other on one page.

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Organize your content type into a column layout with H5P Column. Content types that address similar material or share a common theme can now be grouped together to create a coherent learning experience. In addtion, authors are free to be creative by combining almost all of the existing H5P content types. 

H5P Column is also a way to easily share multiple content types simultaneously as it can be embedded or downloaded just like any other H5P. 

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