New Release: Major Interactive Video Improvements and more

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It is my great pleasure to introduce some highly requested features in this July release update. I know many will be excited about some of the things we’re launching here, and the excitement for the next release will probably be even bigger!

Submit screen in Interactive Video

The new Interactive Video submit screen will give the learners an overview of what they’ve done and achieved in the video, and let the submit their scores and answers when they are ready. Try it out below:

Authors can make the submit screen pop up when they want it to pop up in the video, and learners may also open it whenever they want to check their progress.

Free Text Question in Interactive Video

Many questions don’t have an answer that is either right or wrong. The author may want the learners to reflect and write down their thoughts instead. This is now possible in Interactive Video:

Authors may review and score the learners’ answers manually. Do note that this content type is only available if you use Moodle or an LRS. LRSs typically won’t support grading. users will get this content type and the manual grading feature in July through the upcoming LRS.

Documentation tool stores the answers in more ways

Learners may now choose to store the documentation they create in one or more of:

  • The Moodle Gradebook
  • An LRS
  • (from August)

This will make it much easier for both the learners and the teachers to access the documentation later.

More compact feedback

To save space, especially within Course Presentation and Interactive Video, the feedback block has been made more compact.

Make the Course Presentation summary slide more accessible

Laszlo Romer (Deakin University) has accessibility tested a couple of the H5P content types, thanks Laszlo! The H5P Core Team decided to hotfix two of his observations since he revealed that the summary slide for Course Presentation was very hard to understand for read speaker users. We have now added proper table headings and made sure that the total score is marked properly as well so that readspeaker users won’t have a problem reviewing their achievements.

Massive language improvements

Improvements for the following languages were added with some of the contributors listed in parentheses:

  • French (knowledgeplaces & fredericpierron)
  • Dutch (René Breedveld & fredericraes)
  • Polish (Piotr W)
  • German (IsabelZydun & Foorbie)
  • Spanish (Jay Torres)
  • Bosnian (sabahuddin)
  • Chinese (dnowba)
  • Arabic (djoudi)
  • Greek (cchantzis)

Bug fixes

Several bug fixes have also been released since the last update.


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