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H5P in Brightspace

H5P provides a very tight integration with Brightspace through H5P.com.

The images above are screenshots of (1) grades from H5P.com in Brightspace, (2) the H5P.com repository in Brightspace, (3) editing H5P.com content in Brightspace and (4) viewing H5P.com content in Brightspace

With H5P.com content may be created from within Brightspace, you get your own H5P content repository in Brightspace and grades are stored in Brightspace. H5P.com also provides analytics within Brightspace so that teachers may see what the learners answered to the different questions within the H5P Content.

To get started with H5P in Brightspace just go to H5P.com and start a 30 days free trial. You should make sure your Brightspace admin is ready to set up the LTI integration.