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Content Type Hub FAQ

A good place to resolve your questions if you cannot find the answer anywhere else.

Q: Why is the project called the “Content Type Hub”?
A: Because the project establishes a centralized point for sharing and discovering content types.

Q: What browsers does the H5P Hub work with?
A: We run extensive tests against the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Q: Does making a centralized repository make it harder for community driven projects to be shared? 
A: On the contrary, we will be working hard to make sure that it is easy and intuitive for developers to share their content through the centralized repository. We think it will be easier for developers to expose their creations to a wider audience by adding more metadata and making it possible for users to discover the content types directly on their own site.

Q: Can I still use the old selector box style? 
A: Yes, you may use the old selector by disabling the Hub in your H5P settings. Be aware that this is strongly discouraged since it will make it a lot harder to keep libraries up to date and discover new libraries. Also the Hub will soon get a section for searching for existing H5P content created by other organizations using H5P.

Q: How is the Content Type Hub client licensed?
A: The client side of the Content Type Hub is of course licensed under the MIT license, as is the rest of H5P.