Getting Involved

All code is now shared on GitHub

Apply for developer access to contribute here on and share your own libraries with the rest of the world.

Contact us if you're interested in improving the H5P Documentation or help translate some of our resources to other languages.

H5P is an open source project that aims to be community driven. At the moment, H5P Group, a company co-founded by the open source companies Amendor AS and Cerpus AS, is the driving force behind H5P. However, more and more developers have shown their interest in participating in the H5P project. Read more about the H5P project here.

To get really good rich content, the cost of producing such content must be reduced. And in order to do so, the content needs to become reusable. This is one of the main ideas behind H5P. H5P makes it easy for others to share their rich content with the rest of the world. It should be just as easy to translate and customize content that others have created.

You should get involved with H5P so that H5P becomes more powerful, offers better documentation, better content types, better content and more resources to the community.

Also, be active in the Forum and influence the direction of H5P!