H5P Guides

Multilingual content

Some H5P content types have several languages built in, and H5P also support customizing most if not all texts available. To support multilingual sites, authors need to translate the content for each language. In the future, it will be possible to load defaults for each language.

Currently, H5P works like this:

  1. In the editor default values for new content are in the active language given that the content type is available for that language. If not the content will use English.
  2. When creating translated versions of content all texts needs to be translated from the original language. H5P normally will support the platforms features for allowing localized content. In Drupal, for instance, H5P supports the Content Translation module.

Even if a content type does not have built-in support for a language it is possible to create content in that language since all texts are customizable.

If you're interested in adding more build in languages to H5P content types there is a guide for this as well.