H5P as a quiz question type in Moodle

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I received the following from emdalton, putting it here so that people can(soon) vote for this feature:

  • Examples: https://moodle.org/plugins/browse.php?list=category&id=29
  • Developer documentation: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Question_types
  • Specific example to review for development: https://github.com/moodleou/moodle-qtype_ddwtos

I see this being particularly helpful with your existing "Questions" activities.

This will allow statistics on questions to be gathered and analyzed by Moodle. There are also many features in Moodle that can be based on quiz results, so the value of this integration would be very high.

H5P as a quiz question type in Moodle
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The moodle community would love to see a number (if not all) H5P activities have the ability to be added as "Moodle Quiz Question Types" as mentioned above. This would give Moodle educators the ability to add different types of H5P questions into a single quiz, as well as the have the flexibility to vary question values and other "moodle quiz" variables. Thanks in advance, Richard Wallace
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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the input, we'll definitey take note of these.


Yes great idea. So now when I place a question in for example an interactive video, the question could be saved in the question bank of Moodle in order to be re-used in a quiz later. Would really spare some time. 

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Hi dewebmeester,

Thank you for the input. In the meantime you can now use a copy/paste option built into H5Ps so that you can copy/paste across contents that you created.


Thanks for your reply but think this is not exactly what I was thinking about. I am making the interactive video's in a Moodle environment en placing interactions from within Moodle. So I define the questions in Moodle and would like to see this questions end up in the Moodle Question bank in order to reuse the questions in for example a quiz. Thanks.

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Hi dewebmeester,

You are definitely correct. The copy/paste option that was added is contained within the H5P editor and does not include any interaction with the Moodle Question Bank. 


Making h5p part of the question bank sounds like a key step forward for both Moodle and H5P! But if there were fewer question types available in the Question bank, we should still be able to access ALL h5p features through a core Moodle activity type, or the plugin. 

  • Add H5P questions in the Quiz question bank
  • Maintain the separate H5P activity plugin 

I also would like to voice my support for being able to add h5p questions to Moodle quizzes.

Considering the original post is 2 years old, just wondering if any progress or plans have been made on this initiative?

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H5P questions and Moodle quiz questions are totally different, and there is no way they can be used together inside a Moodle quiz.

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I have done some work related to this request. I am a Moodle developer that is new to H5P, and I created a plugin that was recently published in the Moodle database (H5P content types). You can install it if you have a Moodle site. It allows users to import an H5P Question Set or other type into the Moodle question bank so that H5P questions can be converted to standard Moodle questions for a quiz. A teacher could for example create formative activities with the H5P editor and then create a summative quiz in Moodle without having to manually recreate the same content. This is probably not what exactly was envisioned with this request, but still provides a useful way to reutilize H5P content in Moodle.

Sounds promising, especially after the last reply "Not possible" - Thanks beforehand.

Hi there, just tried out the H5P content plugins import option - using the latest version release 1.0 Beta 2 - Get the following errors after trying to import a .h5p file with multiple choice questions embedded in an interactive video:

Stack trace: 

  • line 494 of /lib/setuplib.php: moodle_exception thrown
  • line 124 of /question/import.php: call to print_error()
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Hi dwebmeister,

I saw a similar message on the Moodle plugins site and updated to fix that. Interactive video was not part of the previously supported content types, but it is not that difficult to add new types.


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Hi dthies,

Thank you for sharing this.


You, my friend (dthies), are a genius!  You just saved me 40 hours of busy work.  And I love that you did this in spite of "there is no way they can be used together inside a Moodle quiz."   Brilliant!

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Hi Timmay!

I believe Papi Jo was suggesting that this was not possible without some coding.



I appreciate your defense of a long-time Moodle stalwart, Papi Jo, and I'm not disparaging him.   But his response did not suggest your interpretation at all.  It was pretty categorical and brief.

But really I'm just elated that dthies was able to put this together!  I owe dthies several beers. :)

Hi there,

I have moodle as LMS and h5p is very helpful to create content and make assessmenets.

I use question set to create my assessments. I usually use MC Q, T/F Q, D&D Q etc for PART A and essay (using for open ended questions) for PART B.

Part A is automated and marked immediately but my PART B i.e. essay (open ended questions) need to be marked by me.



I have following problems:

1- There is no time and attempt limit to set for answering questions 

2- No submit button or no place for submitting essay (open ended questions). 

any solution?


I like the proposed idea very much. I'd like to add that users of H5P.com might already be able to achieve this using the LTI Question Type (External Tool). Haven't tested this, though.