Unable to communicate with hub error

Thanks for a great plugin. I've managed to install and update the libraries but when I try to actually create an interaction, I get this error

I went back and checked the libraries and it said that the site was not registered with the hub. I can't find out what this means, any pointers helpful,



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Hi Nicola, 

Thanks a lot for reporting the bug.

I have some questions that might help us diagnose this.

  1. Which system are you on? (Moodle, Drupal, WordPress)
  2. Do you have access to the server logs, and are they logging anything wierd when this happens?
  3. What are your settings? Have you enabled the H5P Hub (You should have if you are seeing that), and have you enabled H5P to communicate out?
  4. Do you know if there are any firewall settings, that can be blocking H5P from communicating with the Hub?
  5. Which browser are you using?

- Tom

Hi, I'm still waiting to hear back from our developers, but this is what came through with debugging on

cURL request for "https://api.h5p.org/v1/sites" failed with: Connection timed out after 20000 milliseconds (28)

  • line 1299 of \lib\filelib.php: call to debugging()
  • line 151 of \mod\hvp\classes\framework.php: call to download_file_content()
  • line 2456 of \mod\hvp\library\h5p.classes.php: call to mod_hvp\framework->fetchExternalData()
  • line 2838 of \mod\hvp\library\h5p.classes.php: call to H5PCore->fetchLibrariesMetadata()
  • line 57 of \mod\hvp\library_list.php: call to H5PCore->updateContentTypeCache()

is it possible that certain server configurations with regard to openssl might not be able to verify and decrypt the response? I've been tracking down another issue similar to this and I've got it zeroed in on something to do with php socket stream connections to something it doesn't like with the ssl of your server (and another that I've experienced this with). Similarly, if I curl on the same server to that address it works perfectly fine.

Thanks, I'll find out and reply back

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If you're experiencing this in Moodle please enable 'DEVELOPER' debugging: https://docs.moodle.org/33/en/Debugging. Then try again and post/send me the complete debugging stack, and the response from the request (found in your networks tab, if you're using chrome).
Please post your exact php version and phpinfo() settings, so we can try to reproduce this.

I have emailed you,

Much appreciated


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Tengo el mismo problema pero con otro mensaje de error.

adjunto capturas de imagenes.

1- estoy usando wordpress



Apologies for the very delayed reply and thanks for your help. We are using Moodle. I can't find anything for H5P in server logs as in Moodle server logs that a site admin can see on front end (I don't have direct access to server / server admin). I will ask about firewall, but the hub is enabled in H5P settings.


I'm also getting the same error on a Wordpress install. I didn't notice anything in the server logs but I'd be happy to send it if it'd be helpful (don't want to post publicly). I hadn't changed any H5P setting after install and this was occurring before and after manually uploading the All content types library. The only other plugins running were Loginizer and WooCommerce (both deactivated I also noticed this during the installation:

And this when I tried deleting the plugin:

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Hi Yaukable,

It would be very helpful to get some server logs! Thank you!

You can send them to [email protected]. Please link to this forum post in the email too, so that the person looking at it gets the history.

Thanks alot!

- Tom

Also getting this. There are no server logs associated with this unless you know of specifically where we should be looking. Reporting this in an Apache 2.4 / php fpm 7 (and 5.5) environment. Not sure what to do or why there isn't a fallback to allow for upload of the batch of .h5p files. I realize hub is nicer looking and probably opens the door to some kind of app-store you have planned but this is a huge disadvantage architecturally and from the planning of one open source community wanting to integrate deeply with another. All new installations of our system can't utilize H5P; is there a compiled .h5p file publicly available we could point people to instead of forcing a centralized, single point of failure integration?

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  1. Regarding errors, you probably have to enable debugging in Moodle to see them.
  2. There is no "big package" maintained anymore, and we are taking note of your input regarding using the hub.

- Tom

thx; my report was also not in reference to moodle so seems that this is people across the spectrum reporting. For now we're pointing people to the march copy of the packaged files. Out of date is better then non-functioning :\

We also have the error "Not able to communicate with hub", and a "Failed to load data" message when trying to access "All H5P content" in the dashboard.

Does this have to do with the latest library version? Or is it something else? It never happended before anyway.

We are running H5P v1.8.4 on Wordpress 4.4.1.

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues.

Could you check your web server's error_log file for any messages? 
If there's nothing there, try enabling define('WP_DEBUG', true); in your wp-config.php file and see if any messages appear.

I set debug to true, but I noticed nothing relevant. I upgraded to the latest version of H5P but the error persists.

I really need some help here; any hints?

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Did you upgrade to version 1.10.0 of the plugin? It should provide you with some more information as to why the communication is failing.
You could try deactivating and then activating it again if you didn't see the message after the upgrade. Also, make sure the Hub is enabled on the H5P Settings page.

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The same error on a Wordpress install: Couldn't communicate with the H5P Hub. 

Thank you for your help,



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Unfortunately this can mean a numer of things are wrong with the Wordpress setup.

Like ICC mentioned in his reply earlier, could you check your web server's error_log file for any messages? 
If there's nothing there, try enabling define('WP_DEBUG', true); in your wp-config.php file and see if any messages appear.


I running moodle 3.3 and since yesterday  the window with "COULDN`T COMMUNICATE WITH H5P HUB came up. I tried to uninstall and re-install H5P, and when I tried again all my content was gone. Do you have any idea of what could be happening? I really count on your support. Thanks in advance! Please let me know if you need any further information.


URL request for "https://api.h5p.org/v1/sites" failed with: Couldn't resolve host 'api.h5p.org' (6)


  • line 1308 of /lib/filelib.php: call to debugging()
  • line 177 of /mod/hvp/classes/framework.php: call to download_file_content()
  • line 2460 of /mod/hvp/library/h5p.classes.php: call to mod_hvp\framework->fetchExternalData()
  • line 2862 of /mod/hvp/library/h5p.classes.php: call to H5PCore->fetchLibrariesMetadata()
  • line 57 of /mod/hvp/library_list.php: call to H5PCore->updateContentTypeCache()
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You should check that DNS is correctly configured on your server. You should be able to run 'ping api.h5p.org' in a terminal.

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Hi there,

On my local machine I have just installed a fresh version of Drupal 8.4.2 and latest version of H5P for Drupal 8.x-1.0-rc3. Installation works fine, but I cannot install H5P modules as I'm getting the "Not able to communicate with hub." error message.

In the Drupal reports I have this error report:

GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException: cURL error 77: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: cacert.pem CApath: none (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html) in GuzzleHttp\Handler\CurlFactory::createRejection() (line 187 of C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal8\vendor\guzzlehttp\guzzle\src\Handler\CurlFactory.php).

Found a solution at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21114371/php-curl-error-code-60

Downloaded "cacert.pem"; updated php.ini with the relevant line, re-started Apache et voila!

This might be useful to add to H5P installation documentation for those who use a local host installation.

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I'm happy you got it working. I've created a heading for this error in the configuration of php at https://h5p.org/installation/configure-php#troubleshooting. Thanks for writing down some details on how you solved it, I'm sure many will find this helpful :)

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Please your help:

"Don't worry, we haven't deleted anything yet. Reach out to your administrator, or Joubel if you are the administrator, to get the account enabled again."

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Hi EnopionWeb,

Please reach out to the H5P.com Customer Success team by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Please be advised that replies may take longer than usual due to the holidays in Norway.


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Buenas tardes.

 estoy usando un hsoting y un dominio gratuito para hacer pruebas con mi nuevo sitio web wordpress. El problema es que instale el pluggin de H5P y lo active, hasta ahi todo bien. pero cuando quiero agregar un contenido me dice que: 

No hay tipos de contenido disponibles

Su sitio tiene dificultades para conectarse a H5P.org y para listar los tipos de contenido disponibles.




Adjunto captura de pantalla.


el nombre de mi dominio de prueba es:



el nombre de mi hosting gratis es :







Hello! I'm using LUMI to create H5P content, but I get the same error: 

No hay tipos de contenido disponibles

Su sitio tiene dificultades para conectarse a H5P.org y para listar los tipos de contenido disponibles.

I tried again many times but I still get the same message. How can I solve it? 


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Hi Juliana,

Lumi was not created by the developers in the H5P core team. Having said this I suggest that you reach out to the developers of Lumi through their website. Their contact information is at the bottom of their page. There are also members of the team that created Lumi that frequents that forum so you might also get an answer from them here.

Edit: I believe this is the issue that Sebastian mentioned in this post.


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Tengo wordpress 6.0.2, ayer instale h5p pero solo me sale un mensaje "Before you Start" . ya hice todas las configuraciones posibles y no hay forma que funcione. adjunto capturas de pantallas.