H5P Guides

Getting started

H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems that enables the system to create interactive content like Interactive Videos, Presentations, Games, Quizzes and more

Currently we support Wordpress, Moodle and Drupal. Everything is open source and free to use.

To see how you may install H5P on your own site click on one of the logos below:

WordPress logo
H5P Plugin for WordPress
Installation Guide
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H5P Plugin for Drupal
Installation Guide
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H5P Plugin for Moodle
Installation Guide
Other things you might want to do:
Try out the H5P authoring tool
H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. We've made a selection of interactive content types available for testing here on H5P.org. Please do not use this test-drive feature to create real content for students.

Test drive the authoring tool

To get some guidance on creating H5P content, take a look at the tutorials in the Content author guide.
Develop new content types
If you are a developer familiar with JavaScript and other related web technologies we suggest you do the following:
  1. Install a CMS and an H5P plugin for that CMS. Currently, the easiest way is to download Drupal and the H5P Drupal plugin. The Drupal plugin has some extra development features that the other plugins don't have.
  2. Complete our "Hello world tutorial"
  3. Look at the H5P examples
  4. Get familiar with the developer guide
  5. Create new libraries using your newly acquired h5p skills
  6. Share your work here at h5p.org!
Improve existing H5P content types
The code for the H5P content types are shared on GitHub.

Designers and developers are encouraged to improve these content types by:
  1. Setting up your H5P development environment using the installation and setup guide.
  2. Downloading H5P libraries from the examples and download page or our GitHub repository.
  3. Extending or modifying the library.
  4. Sharing your improvements on our forum and submitting a pull request on GitHub!
Integrate H5P with a new platform

We've focused on the documentation for H5P content types and applications so far. We've started on docs for plugin creation as well.

Read more about getting involved in developing H5P.