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Mark the Words Tutorial

Mark the words allow content designers to create textual expressions with a defined set of correct words. The end-user highlights words according to the task description and gets a score. For wrong answers, the user gets negative points.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • When to use Mark the words
  • How to create Mark the words
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Here's the Mark the words we'll create in this tutorial:

When to use Mark the words

Mark the words can be used efficiently in language learning exercises. For example, to create challenges where the user is to mark specific types of verbs in a text. 

Step 1: Topic

In this tutorial, we'll use trivial facts about strawberries to create a Mark the words activity.

We'll use this question: "Click the various types of berries mentioned in the text below!" and this example text:

Bilberries, also known as blueberries are edible, nearly black berries found in nutrient-poor soils.
Cloudberries are edible orange berries similar to raspberries or blackberries found in alpine and arctic tundra.
Redcurrants are red translucent berries with a diameter of 8–10 mm, and are closely related to blackcurrants.

We'll test the learner if he can mark the words highlighted with bold text above. These will be our correct answers.

Step 2: Creating a Mark the words

Select the New content option and choose Mark the words from the list of Content types: 

Mark the words inside the hub

Step 3: Mark the words editor

Mark the words editor should now appear. The editor looks like this:

Mark the words editor

Step 4: Task description 

In the Task description field we give the learner basic instructions or introduce the problem to be solved.

We'll use this text for the Task description: Click the various types of berries mentioned in the text below!

Mark the words description

Step 5: Define a task

Under Textfield, we add our text and define which words the learner needs to identify. This is done by putting the word between asterisk like so: This is the *answer*.

Mark the words task

If you need instructions on how to create content you can press the "Show instructions" button at any time and the instructions block will open. It looks like so:


Step 6: Finishing up 

Save the node/article to view your finished Mark the words activity.
You should now have the same result as the example on top of this page.  
Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.