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Agamotto Tutorial

Add a sequence of images that people are supposed to look at sequentially, for example, photos of an item that changes over time or images that reveal more and more details.

You can optionally add some text information that describes the current image.

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Here's the Agamotto content we'll create in this tutorial:

When to use Agamotto

You can use Agamotto for any kind of content where you want to display several images that people are supposed to look at sequentially.

Step 1: Topic

In this tutorial, we will create an Agamotto with four items(slides): Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Below each image, we will display dates when each season starts and ends.

Step 2: Creating an Agamotto

Select the New content option and choose Agamotto from the list of Content types: 

Step 3: Agamotto editor

The Agamotto editor should now appear. The editor looks like this:

The Agamotto editor consists of an Introduction (Title and Heading), List of items and Settings.

Step 4: Task description 

Type the following text in the Title field: "Four Seasons example content". The Heading will be displayed always for the end-user. Type the following text in the Heading field: "Four Seasons"

Step 5: Items

We will add four items. We'll start with a Spring. Fill in the following:

Item 1:

  • ImageDownload here
  • LabelSpring
  • Description:  Spring runs from March 1 to May 31

You should get this:

Proceed in the same way and create three more items:

Item 2:

  • ImageDownload here
  • LabelSummer
  • Description: Summer runs from June 1 to August 31


Item 3:

  • Image